Daybell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Daybell
William Daybell
Thomas Daybell
George Daybell
Richard Daybell
Herbert Daybell
Joseph Daybell
James Daybell
Eli Daybell
Daniel Daybell
Samuel Daybell
Henry Daybell
Harry Daybell
Frank Daybell
Thos. Daybell
Arthur Daybell
Heber Daybell
Ernest Daybell
Earnest Daybell
Charles Daybell
Robt. Daybell

Top female forenames

Sarah Daybell
Mary Daybell
Ann Daybell
Elizabeth Daybell
Florence Daybell
Annie Daybell
Alice Daybell
Flora Daybell
Emily Daybell
Elizth.Mary Daybell
Rose Daybell
Eliza Daybell
Minnie Daybell
Eleanor Daybell
Charlotte Daybell
Lilly Daybell
Jane Daybell
Agnes Daybell
Fanny Daybell
Winifred Daybell
Ellen Daybell
Ruth Daybell
Nellie Daybell
Elenor Daybell
May Daybell
Edith Daybell
Maria Daybell
Kate Daybell
Hannah Daybell

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Hotel Porter
Groom & Coachman Wife
Groom & Coachman
General Shop Keeper
General Labourer
Gardener Domestic
Journeyman Butcher
Journeyman Tanner
Labourer In Tann Yd
Railway Labourer
Police Sergeant
Police Constable Wife
Police Constable
Malster (Manager)
Formerly Farmer & Butcher Wife
Formerly Farmer & Butcher
Cotton Carder
Coal Agent & Carter
Coachman Domestic Servant
Cattle Dealer
Butler Domestic
Beerhouse Keeper
Baker & Salesman At Cooperative
Assistant In Coop Stores
Dressmakers Apprentice
Engine Driver
Farm Labour
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 260 Acres Imploying 3 Men 1 Boy
Farmer 212 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer (Of 160 Acres) 2 Lb & 2 Boys
Farmer & Butcher Wife
Farmer & Butcher
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Labourer