Deakins in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Deakins
George Deakins
John Deakins
James Deakins
Charles Deakins
Thomas Deakins
Joseph Deakins
Edward Deakins
Walter Deakins
David Deakins
Henry Deakins
Alfred Deakins
Francis Deakins
Arthur Deakins
Frank Deakins
Robert Deakins
Richard Deakins
Harry Deakins
Noah Deakins
Mark Deakins
Harvey Deakins
Ann Deakins
Rebuen Deakins
Alfrd. Deakins
Oscar Deakins
Geo. Deakins
Morris Deakins
Wm.Fred Deakins
Martin Deakins
Eggburt Deakins
Lewis Deakins
Thos. Deakins
T.S. Deakins
Jane Deakins
Austin Deakins
Arfred Deakins
Philip Deakins
Geo.F. Deakins
Albert Deakins
Fredrick Deakins
Mary Deakins
Vincent Deakins
Levi Deakins
Daniel Deakins
Barnard Deakins
Samuel Deakins
Richd Deakins

Top female forenames

Mary Deakins
Elizabeth Deakins
Sarah Deakins
Jane Deakins
Eliza Deakins
Ellen Deakins
Emma Deakins
Alice Deakins
Maria Deakins
Annie Deakins
Harriet Deakins
Ann Deakins
Agnes Deakins
Louisa Deakins
Rose Deakins
Edith Deakins
Kate Deakins
Matilda Deakins
Martha Deakins
Catharine Deakins
Blanche Deakins
Anne Deakins
Ada Deakins
Clara Deakins
Margaret Deakins
Susan Deakins
Elizebeth Deakins
Selina Deakins
Amelia Deakins
Laura Deakins
Rosina Deakins
Eleanor Deakins
Rosa Deakins
Jessie Deakins
Dinah Deakins
Heniette Deakins
Daisy Deakins
Margret Deakins
Fanny Deakins
Willimenia Deakins
Mabel Deakins
Susannah Deakins
Sophia Deakins
Angelina Deakins
Leah Deakins
Katherins Deakins
Eliz.Ann Deakins
John Deakins
Maud Deakins
Deanna Deakins

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
General Servant
Farmers Daur
General Laborer
Glass Mould Maker
Carpenter & Joiner
Railway Porter
General Serv
Roller In Iron Works
Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 350 Acres Employing 3 Men
Dress Maker
Farm Bailiff
Farm Bailiff Wife
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant
Farmer 100 Acres 1 Serv
Farmer 72 Acres
Farmer Of 220 Acres
Farmer Of 24 Acres
Farmer Of 260 Acres Employing 4 Men 2 Boys And 2 Women
China Maker (Potter)
Box Maker (Paper)
Bricklayers Boy
Butcher Slaughter Man
Carpenter Unemployed
Chimney Sweep
China Burnisher
China Gilder (MT)
Annuitant (Unocc)
China Potter
Club Proprieter (Service)
Coachman (D)
Coal Miner