Deanes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Deanes
William Deanes
James Deanes
Edward Deanes
Thomas Deanes
John Deanes
Joseph Deanes
Eustace Deanes
Daniel Deanes
Alfred Deanes
Wm. Deanes
Thos. Deanes
Robert Deanes
Henry Deanes

Top female forenames

Sarah Deanes
Mary Deanes
Eliza Deanes
Annie Deanes
Charlotte Deanes
Alice Deanes
Lydia Deanes
Rose Deanes
Amelia Deanes
Maria Deanes
Louise Deanes
Jeanette Deanes
Esther Deanes
Emily Deanes
Eliz. Deanes
Ann Deanes
Louisa Deanes
Jane Deanes
Emma Deanes
Edith Deanes

Top occupations

Agricult Labr
No Occupation
Servant Domestic
Income Fr Property
Painter & Decorator
Printers Roller Maker
(Ag) Machine Labr
Surgeon University Of Aberdeen
Tin Plate Worker
Trainer Of Greyhounds
Wagoner Railway
General Servant
General Ser
Foremans Wife
Able Seaman
Ag. Lab.
Agl Labourer
Apprentice Brass Fr
Artist Painter In Oils
Blind Maker
Boy 1 Cls
Coal Dealer
Dressmaker & Laundress
English Mistress On Academy (School)
Errand Boy
Farmers Foreman
Foreman Of Saw Mills
Waiter (Inn Serv)