Deeble in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Deeble
John Deeble
Charles Deeble
James Deeble
Richard Deeble
Samuel Deeble
Thomas Deeble
Alfred Deeble
Joseph Deeble
Henry Deeble
Edward Deeble
Robert Deeble
Ernest Deeble
Daniel Deeble
Herbert Deeble
Arthur Deeble
Joel Deeble
Wm. Deeble
Hugh Deeble
Walter Deeble
Stephen Deeble
Ruben Deeble
Chas. Deeble
Richd. Deeble
Benjamin Deeble
Mark Deeble
Wallace Deeble
F. Deeble
Sydney Deeble
Clarence Deeble

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Deeble
Mary Deeble
Jane Deeble
Eliza Deeble
Emily Deeble
Ellen Deeble
Catherine Deeble
Fanny Deeble
Harriet Deeble
Minnie Deeble
Emma Deeble
Sarah Deeble
Frances Deeble
Annie Deeble
Hannah Deeble
Blanche Deeble
Bessie Deeble
Louisa Deeble
Ada Deeble
Helena Deeble
Eda Deeble
Pricilla Deeble
Cecilia Deeble
Catharine Deeble
Florence Deeble
Caroline Deeble
Maria Deeble
Evalena Deeble
Betsy Deeble
Margaret Deeble
Tilly Deeble
Lily Deeble
Slibley Deeble
Amy Deeble
L.T. Deeble
Agnes Deeble
Eleanor Deeble
Rosetta Deeble
A. Deeble
Harriett Deeble
Dora Deeble
Olive Deeble
Maryann Deeble
Floronce Deeble
Carrie Deeble
Martha Deeble
Margretta Deeble
Ethel Deeble
Susan Deeble
Ann Deeble

Top occupations

Copper Miner
Ship Chandler
Labourer (Ag)
Tin Miner
(H D S) Quay Porter
Coffee House Assistant
Agrl Labourer
Packing Pins
Employed In Tin Works (Mine)
Farmer of 250 Acres Emp 2 Men 3 Boys
Farmer's Son
Farmer Of 12 Acres
Farmers Daur
Help To Mother
Farmers Son
Coachman Domestic
Farmers Wife
Grocers Assistant
Grocer & Baker
Governess Pvt (School)
General Servant (Farm) (Indoor)
General Merchant
General Laborer
Florests Assistant
Fitter (Eng)
Grocer Farmer Of 6 Acres
Dress Maker
Cab Driver
Bos Mate
Boot Manufacturer
Boot Maker Employing 6 Men 1 Boy 1 Woman
Artist On Wood & Wood Engrar. (Artist)
Certificated Nurse (SMS)
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Serv
Dom Serv Gen
Dividends From Banks
Cotton Spinner
Commercial Clerk
Coffee House Keeper (HK)
Clerk Moneylender