Dees in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dees
James Dees
John Dees
Robert Dees
Joseph Dees
Arthur Dees
Frederick Dees
Edwd. Dees
David Dees
Thomas Dees
Charles Dees
Robt. Dees
Alfred Dees
Peter Dees
George Dees
Frank Dees
Edward Dees
Daniel Dees
Tho. Dees
Norman Dees
Henry Dees

Top female forenames

Mary Dees
Charlotte Dees
Jane Dees
Catherine Dees
Isabella Dees
Marg. Dees
Annie Dees
Elizabeth Dees
Edith Dees
Ann Dees
Eliza Dees
Maud Dees
Marion Dees
Blanche Dees
Ada Dees
Hannah Dees
Florance Dees
Emma Dees
Sophia Dees
Rosey Dees
Margaret Dees
Bertha Dees
Lilly Dees
Georgina Dees
Flora Dees
Emily Dees
Sarah Dees

Top occupations

Commercial Clerk
Articled Clerk
Independant Minister Of Church
Joiners Apprentice
Marine Engine Fitter
No Occupation
Railway Plate Layer
Slipman Ironmoulder?
Stoker & Fireman (23/2)
Surveyor H M C (C S)
Income From Houses
Horsekeeper Wife
Articled Clerk Solr
Assistant Overseer (Farm Bailif)
Beerhouse Keeper
Butcher (Butcher)
Butcher Wife
Cartwright Apprentice (Others)
Civil Engineer
Clerk (Coal And Coke Merchants)
Dom Serv
General Agent
Wife Of Engineer