Delacroix in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Frederick Delacroix
Charles Delacroix
Fredk. Delacroix
Ernest Delacroix
Alfred Delacroix
Victor Delacroix

Top female forenames

Edith Delacroix
Eugenie Delacroix
Charlotte Delacroix
Pauline Delacroix
Julia Delacroix
Grace Delacroix
Ada Delacroix
Margaret Delacroix
Josephine Delacroix

Top occupations

Rom Cathc Priest Mapr House Chg BA Univer Of France
Governess P
Genl Labr Building Yard
Forewoman At Dental Factory
Employed At Dental Factory
Clerk Gt Northern Submarine Telegraph