Delafield in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Delafield
John Delafield
Thomas Delafield
Joseph Delafield
James Delafield
Henry Delafield
Edwin Delafield
Charles Delafield
Thos. Delafield
Samuel Delafield
Fred Delafield
Daniel Delafield
Wm. Delafield
D.Harry Delafield
Walter Delafield
Alfred Delafield
Robert Delafield
D.J. Delafield
Richard Delafield
Herbert Delafield

Top female forenames

Mary Delafield
Jane Delafield
Jessie Delafield
Emma Delafield
Sarah Delafield
Catherine Delafield
Margaret Delafield
C.E. Delafield
Lilly Delafield
Amelia Delafield
Ada Delafield
Hannah Delafield
Fanny Delafield
Winifred Delafield
S.E. Delafield
Cornelia Delafield
Mitilda Delafield
Cecil Delafield
Caroline Delafield
Louisa Delafield
Bridget Delafield
Lilian Delafield
Alice Delafield
Florance Delafield
Ethel Delafield
Elizabeth Delafield
Polly Delafield
Charlotte Delafield
Mildred Delafield

Top occupations

Farmer Son
(Builder) Foreman Of Works
Master Plumber Gas Fitter & Coppersmith
Master Draper Wife
Master Draper Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Master Draper Daur
Marble Engraver And Beer House Keeper
Printers Compositor
Pupil Teacher
School Mistress
Shoe Maker
Smiths Son
Stone Sawyer
Teacher In Music
Grocers Wife
Grocer And Postmaster
(Builder) Foreman Of Works Wife
Blacksmith Apprentice
Boot & Shoe Maker (Packer)
Boot & Shoe Maker Moulding
Broker Fur
Clergyman Cu Of Kirkham Par
Drapers Assistant
Electro Plater
Farm Servant In Door
Farmer Of 48 Acres
Flour Dealer
General Smith
Working Home Boot Trade