Delany in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Delany
William Delany
Thomas Delany
James Delany
Patrick Delany
George Delany
Edward Delany
Joseph Delany
Michael Delany
Charles Delany
Jeremiah Delany
Daniel Delany
Peter Delany
Matthew Delany
Robert Delany
Martin Delany
Henry Delany
Denis Delany
Timothy Delany
Bernard Delany
Andrew Delany
Frederick Delany
Wm. Delany
Stephen Delany
Jno. Delany
Richard Delany
Jas. Delany
Hugh Delany
Barnard Delany
Nicholas Delany
Austin Delany
Micheal Delany
Fuitan Delany
Wm.Edward Delany
Francis Delany
Willm. Delany
Alexander Delany
Luke Delany
Walter Delany
David Delany
Johanna Delany
Chistopher Delany
Calaub Delany
Reuben Delany
Benjamin Delany
Hubert Delany
B. Delany
Neal Delany
Wm.Oliver Delany
Arthur Delany

Top female forenames

Mary Delany
Catherine Delany
Elizabeth Delany
Margaret Delany
Ann Delany
Ellen Delany
Bridget Delany
Sarah Delany
Jane Delany
Eliza Delany
Kate Delany
Maria Delany
Alice Delany
Hannah Delany
Esther Delany
Emily Delany
Anne Delany
Rachel Delany
Annie Delany
Julia Delany
Johanna Delany
Frances Delany
Louisa Delany
Susan Delany
Agnes Delany
Harriet Delany
Margret Delany
Rebecca Delany
Charlotte Delany
Margt. Delany
Veronica Delany
Teresa Delany
Cath.Elizth. Delany
Kezia Delany
Elizh. Delany
Rosa Delany
Judith Delany
Jenny Delany
Elchart Delany
Maud Delany
Isabella Delany
Cordelin Delany
Charlott Delany
Gertrude Delany
Terisa Delany
Catharine Delany
Maggie Delany
Fanney Delany
Susannah Delany
Caroline Delany

Top occupations

Dock Labourer
Domestic Serv
Laborer In Brickfield
Cook Dom Serv
Agl Labourer
Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Hat Trimmer & Machinst
General Serv
Errand Boy
Laborer Bricklayers
Cotton Frame Tenter
General Laborer
Cotton Grinder (MA)
Cotton Drawing Frame Tenter
Cotton Doubler
Corps Of Armourer (Scryts)
Worsted Twister
Cook Domestic
Cook Domestic Serv
Coppersmiths Laborer
Cotton Operative
Corn Porter
Cart Boy (Carter)
Boarder Student
Boat Fitter
Boiler Makers Helperr
Boiler Makers Riveter
Book Keeper
Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer Employs 21 Men 3 Boys 8 Women
Cabinet Maker Wife
Cap Mz Top
Bar Maid
Chelsea Pensioner
Cinder Tipper
Clerk (Commission Agents)