Delf in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Delf
John Delf
James Delf
Henry Delf
George Delf
Edward Delf
Thomas Delf
Daniel Delf
Frederick Delf
Robert Delf
Charles Delf
Samuel Delf
Percy Delf
Danl.W. Delf
Louis Delf
Beecher Delf
Jos. Delf
Alfred Delf
Jno. Delf
Fredk.R. Delf
Frederic Delf
Edwadd Delf
Bertie Delf
Lewis Delf
Arthur Delf
Albert Delf

Top female forenames

Harriet Delf
Elizabeth Delf
Mary Delf
Annie Delf
Florence Delf
Edith Delf
Fanny Delf
Sophia Delf
Clara Delf
Rose Delf
Catherine Delf
Emma Delf
Ellen Delf
Elizebeth Delf
Sydney Delf
Eliza Delf
Jane Delf
Sarah Delf
Harriett Delf
Hannah Delf
Anna Delf
Emily Delf
Susanna Delf
Jessie Delf
Edwina Delf
Isa. Delf
Nora Delf
Hanna Delf
Annice Delf
Matilda Delf
Alice Delf
Maria Delf
Louisa Delf
Kate Delf
Susan Delf
Charlotte Delf
Rosa Delf
Mgt. Delf
Francis Delf
Maryann Delf
Agnes Delf
Martha Delf
Margaretha Delf
Elizh. Delf
Lillian Delf

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Farm Labourer
Farmers Wife
(Ag) Lab
Domestic Servant
Insurance Clerk
Farm Lab
Formerly Labourer
Gardener (General) (W)
General Serv (Domestic)
General Serv Domestic
Fishermans Wife
General Servant
Governess (Prof)
General Smith (Journeyman)
Independant Minister West Orchard Chapel
Income Derived From Houses
Income Derivable From Her Father
Housekeeper To Father
Hosiers Shopman
Hosier Retired
Grocers Assistant
Farmer Of 574 Acres Employing 19 Men & 4 Boys
Farmer 10 Acres 1 Man 2 Boys
Brewers Servant Wife
Brewers Servant
Booksellers Assistant
armers Son
Agl Labourer
Agcltl Laborer
Wholesale Druggist Employing 3 Men & 7 Boys
Coal Miner
Commercial Clerk Iron Works
Commissioned Agent & Income Derived From Houses
Apprentice (
Engineers Clerk (Mechanical)
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant General
Domestic Servant Cook
Cow Keeper
Cook Domestic Serv
Cook Dom