Delooze in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Delooze
James Delooze
Thomas Delooze
Charles Delooze
George Delooze
Nathaniel Delooze
William Delooze
Walter Delooze
Richard Delooze
Henry Delooze
Alfred Delooze
Wilfred Delooze
Harry Delooze

Top female forenames

Sarah Delooze
Mary Delooze
Elizabeth Delooze
Eliza Delooze
Alice Delooze
Lilly Delooze
John Delooze
Esther Delooze
Annie Delooze
Amelia Delooze
Ada Delooze
Kate Delooze
Frances Delooze
Emma Delooze
Ann Delooze

Top occupations

Iron Works Labourer
Throstle Piecer
Stamper (...)
Self Acting Minder
Pin Pointer Maker
Out Of Employment
Black Smith
General Labourer Wife
Card Room Hand
Chimney Sweep
Cotton Weaver (CM)
Day Waiter (Inn Serv)
Domestic Servant
File Cutter
Forge Labourer (Iron)
General Labourer
Wire Worker