Demain in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Demain
William Demain
George Demain
Thomas Demain
Joseph Demain
James Demain
Charles Demain
Henry Demain
Robert Demain
Arthur Demain
Alfred Demain
Tom Demain
Marshall Demain
Thos. Demain
Fred Demain
Richard Demain
Emmanuel Demain
Natham Demain
Louis Demain
Benjamin Demain
Irvine Demain
Albany Demain
Stephen Demain
Haighton Demain
Samuel Demain
Fredk.C. Demain
Eward Demain
Pratt Demain
Edward Demain
Carter Demain
Wilson Demain
Walter Demain
Albert Demain
Horace Demain
Theodore Demain
Hampson Demain
Simon Demain
Sam Demain

Top female forenames

Mary Demain
Elizabeth Demain
Sarah Demain
Ann Demain
Jane Demain
Alice Demain
Emma Demain
Isabella Demain
Ellen Demain
Caroline Demain
Betsy Demain
Hannah Demain
Margaret Demain
Cathrine Demain
Selena Demain
Harriett Demain
Bertha Demain
Ruth Demain
Florence Demain
Annabella Demain
Naoomi Demain
Eva Demain
Anabella Demain
Meta Demain
Emily Demain
Martha Demain
Lucy Demain
Christiana Demain
Laura Demain
Charles Demain
Catherine Demain
Susanah Demain
Isabel Demain
Annie Demain
Rose Demain
Flora Demain
Nancy Demain
Anabel Demain
Eliza Demain
Louisa Demain
Charlotte Demain
Katherine Demain

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Piecer
... Keeper
Lead Miner
Engine Fitter
Cotton Power Loom Weaver
Farmers Wife
Joiner & Builder
Iron Turner
Worsted Spinner
Boot & Shoe Maker
Weaver Cotton
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farmer 12 Acres Land
Farmer Wife
Head Housemaid
Grocers Shopman
Grocers Assistant
Gardener Domestic
Frame Tenter (In Cotton Mill)
Formerly Cook
Forman Carpenter Wife
Forman Carpenter
Farmers Son
Groom H Man
Cotton Mill Manager
Draughtsman (Artzn)
Artificial Limb Maker 10/4 Surg... Mk...
Assistant (Inn Servt)
Boot & Shoemaker Emp 2 Men
Bread Baker
Worsted Weaver
Cop Reeler (In Cotton Mill)
Cotton Card Room Hand
Cotton Spinning Master
Cotton Thread Winder
Cotton Warper
Blacksmith's Labourer
Cotton Winder
Cotton Winder And Scholar