Dendy in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dendy
John Dendy
Walter Dendy
Arthur Dendy
Frederick Dendy
Robert Dendy
Charles Dendy
George Dendy
Richard Dendy
James Dendy
Daniel Dendy
Albert Dendy
Timothy Dendy
Thomas Dendy
Samson Dendy
Thos. Dendy
Samuel Dendy
Edward Dendy
Darcy Dendy
Peter Dendy
Chas.J. Dendy
Joseph Dendy
Jno. Dendy
Willard Dendy
Fredk. Dendy
Sidney Dendy
Francis Dendy
Dennis Dendy
Oliver Dendy
Chas.B. Dendy
Bertie Dendy
Jas. Dendy
Ambrose Dendy
Harry Dendy
Adolphus Dendy
Geo. Dendy
Stephen Dendy

Top female forenames

Mary Dendy
Sarah Dendy
Alice Dendy
Annie Dendy
Emily Dendy
Jane Dendy
Florence Dendy
Emma Dendy
Ellen Dendy
Anne Dendy
Elizabeth Dendy
Henrietta Dendy
Harriet Dendy
Clara Dendy
Charlotte Dendy
Minnie Dendy
Beatrice Dendy
Jemima Dendy
Edith Dendy
Grace Dendy
Christiana Dendy
Rosa Dendy
Frances Dendy
Blanche Dendy
Flora Dendy
Annis Dendy
Margaret Dendy
Faith Dendy
Louisa Dendy
Ethel Dendy
Jessie Dendy
Susan Dendy
Eleanor Dendy
Selina Dendy
Rose Dendy
Gertrude Dendy
Maria Dendy
Fanny Dendy
Lucy Dendy
Eva Dendy
Ann Dendy
Kate Dendy
Ada Dendy
Honor Dendy
Eliza Dendy
Sophia Dendy
Harriott Dendy

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Maltman (Brewer)
Coal Porter
Income From Lands And Houses Etc
Harness Maker
Harness Maker Employing 2 Men
Groom (N D)
Grocer & Draper Master
Grocer & Baker
Gen Serv Domestic
Gen Labourer
General Servant Dom
Merchants Clerk
M.A. Oxon Barrister Not In
Living On Inst Of Dividends
Linen Draper
Ladies Companion (DS)
J P Yeoman Farming 240 Acres Land Employing 9 Men 2 Boys & 2 Women
Iron Founder
Income From Morgages Shares?
Fellows Tutor Univ Col Oxford
Farmers Wifes Assistant
Daughter Of Rev Dendy
Dairy Woman
Cook Domestic Servant
Coffee House Keeper
Clothiers Assistant
Wife Of Rev Dendy
Bricklayers Lab
Barmaid (Inn Serv)
Dispatch Clerk CS (CSO)
Draper Grocer Wine Merchant
Dyers Agent
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer Of 160 Acres Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Farm Servant
Farm Bailiff
Factory Hand (Silk Printer)
Engineers Carman (Ag...)