Dermott in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dermott
Thomas Dermott
Robert Dermott
James Dermott
William Dermott
Edward Dermott
Joseph Dermott
Henry Dermott
Walter Dermott
Richard Dermott
Alfred Dermott
Frederick Dermott
George Dermott
Edwin Dermott
Michael Dermott
Dermot Dermott
Maxwell Dermott
Lawerrence Dermott
Albert Dermott
Jno. Dermott
Gerner Dermott
Rich.F. Dermott
Patrick Dermott
MC Dermott
Arthur Dermott
Martin Dermott
Alexander Dermott
Lawerence Dermott
Wm. Dermott
Samuel Dermott
Harry Dermott
Peter Dermott

Top female forenames

Mary Dermott
Margaret Dermott
Sarah Dermott
Agnes Dermott
Alice Dermott
Catherine Dermott
Emma Dermott
Jane Dermott
Ann Dermott
Maria Dermott
Ellen Dermott
Louisa Dermott
Martha Dermott
Harriet Dermott
Annie Dermott
Marietta Dermott
Florence Dermott
Esther Dermott
M. Dermott
Elizabeth Dermott
Judith Dermott
Eliza Dermott
Uniah Dermott
Jessie Dermott
Eileen Dermott
Selina Dermott
Isabella Dermott
Celia Dermott
Maud Dermott
Helen Dermott
Caroline Dermott
Hannah Dermott
Annia Dermott
Marie Dermott
Fanny Dermott
Louise Dermott
Elizth. Dermott
Lilly Dermott
Elizabet Dermott
Johanna Dermott
Elenor Dermott
Susannah Dermott
Charlotte Dermott
Henrietta Dermott

Top occupations

Coal Miner
No Occupation
Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Builders Laborer
Police Constable
Billiard Marker
Joiner (Apprentice)
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Painter Unemployed
House Painter
House Carpenter
Lab Coke Works (Burner)
Private Means
Private 80 Regiment
Postman Wife
Letter Carrier & Verger
Postman & Shoemaker
Machine Hand Sewing Factory
Mill Hand (Text)
Horse Keeper Unemployed
General Servant
Constable Metropolitan Police
Commercial Clerk
Coal Miner Wife
Cigar Maker
Brass Turner
Boot Rivetter
Bill Poster
Wife Of Army Doctor
Cut Nail Maker
Farm Lab
Farm Lab Wife
General Labour
Gen Serv
Gas Fitter
French Polisher
Foundry Lab
Foreman Tobacco Fact
Foreman Baker
Flax Dresser (Flax Manuf)