Derricott in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Derricott
Joseph Derricott
William Derricott
Thomas Derricott
Charles Derricott
James Derricott
George Derricott
Henry Derricott
Richard Derricott
Alfred Derricott
Herbert Derricott
Enoch Derricott
Moses Derricott
Edward Derricott
Abraham Derricott
Isaac Derricott
Frank Derricott
Samuel Derricott
Enock Derricott
Elijah Derricott
Daniel Derricott
Jesse Derricott
Jacob Derricott
Harry Derricott
Willm. Derricott
Geo. Derricott
Francis Derricott
Robert Derricott

Top female forenames

Mary Derricott
Sarah Derricott
Hannah Derricott
Elizabeth Derricott
Martha Derricott
Elizth. Derricott
Emma Derricott
Caroline Derricott
Leah Derricott
Minnie Derricott
Eliza Derricott
Charlotte Derricott
Maria Derricott
Ada Derricott
Lilly Derricott
Harriet Derricott
Frances Derricott
Esther Derricott
Rose Derricott
Phoebe Derricott
Matha Derricott
Eleanor Derricott
Margaret Derricott
Fanny Derricott
Emmily Derricott
Prudence Derricott

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Potters Hollow Ware Presser
Potters Transferer
Laborers Wife
Labr Wife
Looks After Shop
Masons Wife
Potters Assistant
Potters Burnisher
Potters Dish Maker And Shopkeeper
Servant (D S)
Potters Presser
Iron Plate Maker
Housekeeper (Dom)
Ag Labr
Agri Lab
Apprentice Transferer
At The Iron Works
Coal Miners Wife
Coal Minor
Cook Dom
Earthenware Warehouse Woman
Engine Driver Iron Work
Farmer 12 Acres
Forge Labourer (Iron)
Forge Labourer Iron
General Labourer
General Labourer Wife