Desforges in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Desforges
Thomas Desforges
Samuel Desforges
Joseph Desforges
Edwin Desforges
William Desforges
Richard Desforges
Herbert Desforges
George Desforges
Charles Desforges
Arthur Desforges
J.C. Desforges
Harry Desforges
G. Desforges
Edmund Desforges
Thos. Desforges
Clem Desforges
Bransby Desforges
Albert Desforges
James Desforges
Fredrick Desforges
Edward Desforges
Thos.Henry Desforges
Edmond Desforges

Top female forenames

Mary Desforges
Eliza Desforges
Annie Desforges
Ann Desforges
Elizabeth Desforges
Sarah Desforges
Lucy Desforges
Harriet Desforges
Emma Desforges
Jane Desforges
H. Desforges
Susanna Desforges
Esther Desforges
Ruth Desforges
Rebecca Desforges
Matilda Desforges
Christina Desforges
M. Desforges
Caroline Desforges
L.A. Desforges
Betsy Desforges
Iley Desforges
Anne Desforges
Hannah Desforges
Alice Desforges
Flora Desforges
Emmel Desforges
Rosamond Desforges
Emily Desforges
Nisida Desforges
Catherine Desforges
C. Desforges

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Son
Engine Fireman Railway
Drapers Assistant
Pensioner Agricultural Association (No Occ)
Gardener Daur
Formerly Farmer (Wife)
Formerly Farmer
Farmers Wife
Farmers Widow
General Serv (Domestic)
Ostler (Dom)
Gardener Wife
Gas Engineer (Fitter)
Licensed Victualler
Licensed Victrs Wife
Labourer Out Of Employ
Instrument Maker Tele
Independent Means
Housemaid Domestic
Nurse (SMS)
General Serv
Mathematical Instrument Maker
Farmer Of 40 Acres
Coachman (6/2)
Chemist & Druggist Wife
Chemist & Druggist
Cabinet Maker
Cab Driver
Brewers Labourer
Annuitant ((Mother In Law))
Wife Of Coachman (6/2)
Cook Domestic Servt
Farmer Of 247 Acres Employing 6 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer 48 Acr
Farmer 29 Acres
Farmer 14 Acres
Draper & Grocer
Cotton Weaver