Despard in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Frederic Despard
Colin Despard
Wm. Despard
Wilfred Despard
Henry Despard
Geo. Despard
Edwd. Despard
Arthur Despard
William Despard
James Despard
George Despard

Top female forenames

Mary Despard
Mabel Despard
Ellen Despard
Edith Despard
Elizabeth Despard
Marjorie Despard
Catherine Despard
Anna Despard
Lilian Despard
Josephine Despard
Ida Despard
Harriett Despard
Georgina Despard
Rosina Despard
Margaret Despard
Anne Despard
Louisa Despard
Amy Despard
Kathleen Despard
Jane Despard
Helen Despard
Gertrude Despard
Ethel Despard
Philippa Despard

Top occupations

No Occupation
Beneficial Clergyman Vicar Of Holy Trinity Kilburn
Retired Captain H M Army
Majors Wife
Majors Son
Major Ry Irish London Arsenal Rifles ... Superintendent...Compy
Major & Barrack Master R M L I
Landed Proprietor
Cotton Rover
Cotton Mill Grinder
Cotton Drawing Tenter
Undergraduate Of Oxford