Devey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Devey
William Devey
Thomas Devey
Joseph Devey
George Devey
James Devey
Edward Devey
Charles Devey
Henry Devey
Arthur Devey
Albert Devey
Frederick Devey
Thos. Devey
Samuel Devey
Robert Devey
Richard Devey
Julius Devey
Harry Devey
Alfred Devey
Mark Devey
Benjamin Devey
Edwin Devey
Jno.Geo. Devey
Jabez Devey
Chas. Devey
Henery Devey
Philip Devey
Wm.Edwin Devey
Goerge Devey
Oscar Devey
Walter Devey
Fredrick Devey
Moses Devey
Valentine Devey
Frank Devey
Matthew Devey
Frances Devey
Septimus Devey
Enoch Devey
Roland Devey
Richd. Devey
Cornelius Devey
Rd.Jos. Devey
Patrick Devey
Benj. Devey
Nathaniel Devey
W. Devey
Abel Devey
Michael Devey
Francis Devey

Top female forenames

Mary Devey
Elizabeth Devey
Sarah Devey
Annie Devey
Jane Devey
Alice Devey
Ellen Devey
Clara Devey
Ada Devey
Hannah Devey
Emily Devey
Harriet Devey
Ann Devey
Sophia Devey
Elizth. Devey
Eliza Devey
Charlotte Devey
Emma Devey
Edith Devey
Catherine Devey
Louisa Devey
Agnes Devey
Nelly Devey
Maria Devey
Caroline Devey
Fanny Devey
Lucy Devey
Louis Devey
Selina Devey
Laura Devey
Nellie Devey
Florrey Devey
Martha Devey
Florance Devey
Margaret Devey
Betsy Devey
Volet Devey
Esther Devey
Lily Devey
Angelina Devey
Jullia Devey
Rhoda Devey
Dorothy Devey
Myra Devey
Delilah Devey
Gertrude Devey
Florence Devey
Barbara Devey
Susana Devey
Rose Devey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
No Occupation
Brass Founder
Drapers Assistant
General Laborer
Police Constable
Silver Spoon & Fork Stamper
Boot And Shoe Makers Assistant
Boot And Shoe Maker
Dress Maker
Artificial Florist
Bicycle Maker
Bit Filer
Bit Maker
Farm Labourer
Bridle Bit Maker
Worker Of Silver
Coal Merchant Employing 13 Men
Collar Dresser
Beer House Keeper
Commercial Clerk Coal
Dealer (Coster)
Domestic Housemaid
Domestic Serv
Bonnet Shape Maker (Milliner)
Brass Plater
Brewer Journeyman
Bridle Stitcher
Brush Maker
Burnisher (Met)
Bricklayers Labr
Blowing Bellows At Handle Wk (Iron)
Bricklayer Wife
Bonnet Shape Maker (Dress)
Brewers Wife
Barrister At Law