Dewes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Dewes
William Dewes
Henry Dewes
John Dewes
Alfred Dewes
Robert Dewes
Edward Dewes
Joseph Dewes
Thomas Dewes
Richard Dewes
James Dewes
Walter Dewes
Fred. Dewes
Samuel Dewes
Ernest Dewes
Edmund Dewes
Matthew Dewes
Charles Dewes
Jacob Dewes
Herbert Dewes
Wilford Dewes
Harry Dewes
Walker Dewes
Frederick Dewes
Squire Dewes
Frank Dewes
Peter Dewes
David Dewes
Bryan Dewes
Hugh Dewes

Top female forenames

Mary Dewes
Elizabeth Dewes
Eliza Dewes
Sophia Dewes
Sarah Dewes
Ann Dewes
Caroline Dewes
Jemima Dewes
Emma Dewes
Ellen Dewes
Eleanor Dewes
Dinah Dewes
Molly Dewes
Martha Dewes
Annie Dewes
Amelia Dewes
Hilda Dewes
Ada Dewes
Ursula Dewes
Edith Dewes
Charlotte Dewes
Betssy Dewes
Lucy Dewes
Jane Dewes
Alicia Dewes
Hannah Dewes
Emily Dewes
Susan Dewes
Selina Dewes

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Stuff Weaver
M.D.Glasgow M.R.C.S.London Physician Wife
House Made (Dom)
House Keeper Domestic
Horsehair Weaver
Head Clerk At Murcury Office (Newspaper)
Groom (Huntsman)
Grocers Assistant
General Servant (Dom)
No Occupation
Ironstone Miner
M.D.Glasgow M.R.C.S.London Physician
Lock Smith
Lawyers Articled Clerk (Solicitors)
Late Ex Engineer P W D Bengal
Labourers Wife
Magistrate Retired Draper & Town Councillor (Mum)
Mantle Cutter (Press...)
Laborer General
Farmer Owns 6 Acres & Rents 5 Acres
Coal Miner
Clerk G N Railway Co
China Traveller Wife
China Traveller
China Clerk
Chemists Assistant
Commercial Clerk
Dental Surgeon
Farmer Of 337 Acres
Farmer Of 163 Acres Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer Occupy 192 Acres Emp 4 Men 3 Boys
Farm Labourer
Employed On Farm (Ag Lab) (F Bror)
Employed On Farm (A L) (Bror)
Employed As An Assistant & Governess (Private)
Drapers Assistant