Dewick in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dewick
John Dewick
George Dewick
James Dewick
Joseph Dewick
Thomas Dewick
Arthur Dewick
Charles Dewick
Edwin Dewick
Edward Dewick
Wm. Dewick
Frederick Dewick
Henry Dewick
Richard Dewick
Harry Dewick
Alfred Dewick
Albert Dewick
Samuel Dewick
Fredrick Dewick
Walter Dewick
Francis Dewick
Percy Dewick
Jonothan Dewick
Chas. Dewick
Hy. Dewick
Burnel Dewick
Willm. Dewick
Gerard Dewick
Geo. Dewick
Robert Dewick
Peter Dewick
Emily Dewick
Edwd.W. Dewick
Jonathan Dewick
Ed. Dewick
Winter Dewick
Geroge Dewick
Alfd. Dewick
Thorning Dewick

Top female forenames

Mary Dewick
Ann Dewick
Sarah Dewick
Annie Dewick
Emily Dewick
Emma Dewick
Eliza Dewick
Martha Dewick
Elizabeth Dewick
Edith Dewick
Catherine Dewick
Maria Dewick
Kate Dewick
Jane Dewick
Hannah Dewick
Anne Dewick
Harriett Dewick
Ellen Dewick
Clara Dewick
Alice Dewick
Ada Dewick
Caroline Dewick
Lydia Dewick
Fanny Dewick
Louisa Dewick
Rebecca Dewick
Kezh. Dewick
Polly Dewick
Matilda Dewick
Charlotte Dewick
Hellen Dewick
Catharine Dewick
Margaret Dewick
Betsy Dewick
M. Dewick
Florence Dewick
Lucy Dewick
Esther Dewick
Sophia Dewick
Lizzie Dewick
Rosa Dewick
Laura Dewick
Prudence Dewick
Katharine Dewick
Phoebe Dewick
Josephine Dewick
Christiana Dewick
Henrietta Dewick
Mabel Dewick
Gertrude Dewick

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Assists At Concert Hall (Magic Lantern)
Hair Dresser
Telegraph Clerk Civil Service
Sinker In Coal Mine
Lace Mender
General Servant
Farmer Wife
Implement Smith (Ag)
Agricultural Laborer
Governess Of Ladies School (Daily)
Ag Lab
Boot Finisher
(Coal Miner)
Formerly Dressmaker
Errand Boy In Painters Or Printers Office
Fancy Hosiery Manufacturer
Farm Bailiff
Farm Lab
Farm Labourer
Farmer (18 Acres)
Farmer 96 Acres
Formerly A General Shopkeeper
Farmer Of 32 Acres Employing 1 Man
Foreman Carpenter
Fireman Railway
Coach Painter
Agricultural Labourer
Boy 2 Cl
Brick Burner
Brick Maker
Bricklayer & Plasterer
Coachman Dom Serv
Coal Miner
Colly Underviewer
Corn Traveller In Corn Trade
Cottager Of 5 Acres (Farmer)
Cotton Hand
Cotton Spinner
Dom Servant
Dress Maker