Dickes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dickes
John Dickes
Alfred Dickes
George Dickes
David Dickes
Charles Dickes
Walter Dickes
Joseph Dickes
Jessie Dickes
Hugh Dickes
Henry Dickes
Frederick Dickes
Elijah Dickes
Daniel Dickes
Arthur Dickes
Robert Dickes
Jesse Dickes
Herbert Dickes
Ernest Dickes

Top female forenames

Sarah Dickes
Louisa Dickes
Emma Dickes
Ellen Dickes
Lucy Dickes
Catherine Dickes
Jane Dickes
Amy Dickes
Harriett Dickes
Ada Dickes
Hannah Dickes
Florie Dickes
Ethel Dickes
Nellie Dickes
Emily Dickes
Minnie Dickes
Elizabeth Dickes
Margaret Dickes
Charlotte Dickes
Bertha Dickes
Hester Dickes
Amey Dickes
Harriet Dickes
Gertrude Dickes
Fanny Dickes
Rebecca Dickes
Miss Dickes
Mary Dickes
Clara Dickes

Top occupations

Artist And Engraver
Licensed Victualler
Merchants Clerk
Nurse (Domestic Servt)
Nurse (S M S)
Nurse Dom S
Page Domestic Servt
Publican The Swan
Retired Lady
Rly Signalman
Teacher General Literature
Beer House Keeper
Boiler Maker
Boot Dealer
Boot Packer Unemployed
Coal Miner
Drapers Assist
Druggist Assist
Engraver And Cromo Printer (Lithographer)
General Serv
Governess P