Dickie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dickie
John Dickie
James Dickie
Thomas Dickie
Robert Dickie
George Dickie
Alexander Dickie
David Dickie
Charles Dickie
Joseph Dickie
Mathew Dickie
Arthur Dickie
Walter Dickie
Samuel Dickie
Hugh Dickie
Henry Dickie
Frederick Dickie
Matthew Dickie
Robt. Dickie
Herbert Dickie
Hector Dickie
Ernest Dickie
Peter Dickie
Duncan Dickie
Andrew Dickie
Jas. Dickie
Alfd. Dickie
Albert Dickie
Frank Dickie
Ralph Dickie
Edward Dickie
Oswald Dickie
Allan Dickie
Wm. Dickie

Top female forenames

Mary Dickie
Margaret Dickie
Annie Dickie
Elizabeth Dickie
Jane Dickie
Jessie Dickie
Isabella Dickie
Sarah Dickie
Catherine Dickie
Agnes Dickie
Martha Dickie
Helen Dickie
Kate Dickie
Ann Dickie
Emma Dickie
Emily Dickie
Matilda Dickie
Hannah Dickie
Janet Dickie
Ellen Dickie
Harriet Dickie
Ethel Dickie
Minnie Dickie
Edith Dickie
Henrietta Dickie
Clara Dickie
Maria Dickie
Cecelia Dickie
Maggie Dickie
Winifred Dickie
Barbara Dickie
Louisa Dickie
Florence Dickie
Sophia Dickie
Anne Dickie
Euphemia Dickie
Rose Dickie
Phoeby Dickie
Agness Dickie
Maud Dickie
Ada Dickie
Issabella Dickie
Eliz. Dickie
Isabel Dickie
Constance Dickie
Marie Dickie
Helena Dickie
Christina Dickie
Lucy Dickie
Frances Dickie

Top occupations

Shopkeeper (Provision)
Commercial Clerk
School Inmate
General Lab
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant (Out Of Employ)
Drapers Assistant
Draper (Brick Manufactorer)
Grocer & Draper
Clerk Birkenhead County Court (Off)
Genl Servt (Domestic)
Feather Dresser & Furrier
Ferryman (Waterman)
Fire Clay Moulder
Fire Clay Moulder (Wife)
Fire Clay Moulder Finisher
Gen Shopkeeper ((. .))
General Laborer
General Servant
Domestic Housemaid
Dock Laborer
Chelsea Pensioner
Calico Printer Unemployed
Booksellers Assistant
Book Keeper At Towel Works (Clh)
Book Keeper
Yarn Doubler (Cotton)
Barmaid (Inn)
Asst School Mistress
Clerk (Salesman)
Dispenser Of Medicine (Sub Serv)
Cook Domestic Serv
Com Traveller
Clerks Wife
Clerk Wife
Clerk In A Public Compy