Digney in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Digney
William Digney
Thomas Digney
Joseph Digney
Martin Digney
James Digney
Chas.W. Digney
Bernard Digney
Peter Digney
Machael Digney
Hannah Digney
Charles Digney
Alfred Digney

Top female forenames

Mary Digney
Jane Digney
Bridget Digney
Lizzy Digney
Francis Digney
Catherine Digney
Rose Digney
Margaret Digney
Julia Digney
Gertrude Digney
Dalia Digney
Caroline Digney
Agnas Digney

Top occupations

Dock Laborer
Boy 2 Cl
Pottery Clerk
Scholar Clerk
Servant (Nurse)
Shipping Clerk
Signalman (Rly)
Signalman Wife
Stone Delver
Travelling Draper (Coster)
Paper Maker
Out Of Work
Nurse (Sick)
Coal Miner
Delver (Stone)
Dock Labr
Factory Hand (Tex)
Feeder In Woollen Factory
Gen Lab
Kept By Son
Labourer Iron Works
Wall Stone Dresser (Mason)