Dilkes in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Dilkes
Joseph Dilkes
John Dilkes
William Dilkes
Charles Dilkes
Harry Dilkes
Thomas Dilkes
Edward Dilkes
Samuel Dilkes
Arthur Dilkes
Albert Dilkes
Henry Dilkes
Frank Dilkes
Walter Dilkes
Jacob Dilkes
George Dilkes
Fred Dilkes
Francis Dilkes
Harold Dilkes
Fredrick Dilkes
Ernest Dilkes
Sidney Dilkes
Newil Dilkes
Amos Dilkes

Top female forenames

Mary Dilkes
Emma Dilkes
Annie Dilkes
Louisa Dilkes
Selina Dilkes
Elizabeth Dilkes
Clara Dilkes
Sarah Dilkes
Ada Dilkes
Hannah Dilkes
Elizebeth Dilkes
Eliza Dilkes
E. Dilkes
Rose Dilkes
Anna Dilkes
Mariah Dilkes
Amelia Dilkes
Margrett Dilkes
Abigail Dilkes
Jane Dilkes
Edith Dilkes
Anne Dilkes
Ann Dilkes
Maria Dilkes

Top occupations

Laborer Dockyard
Coal Miner
Tinman & Gas Fitter
Railway Signalman
Piecer Woollen Factory
Piecer Clothing Factory (Wool)
Labourer Iron Works
Labourer Ag
Yarn Agent
Shoe Maker
Worsted Spinner
Works In Brickyard (Lbr)
Warehouse Woman
Warehouse Hand (Hos)
Station Master (Rly)
Shoe Ware House Boy
Shoe Pressman
Income Derived From Dividends
Housekeeper Dom
House Work
Coal Miner Wife
Cart Man
Builders Son
Builder (Master)
Bricklayer Lab
Brick Manufacturer
Brass Winder
Cotton Cloth Looker
Cotton Winder
Domestic Duties
Groom (N D)
Farmer Of 73 Acres Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
Engine Stoker
Engine Driver
Elastic Weaver
Domestic Servant