Dinham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Dinham
John Dinham
Thomas Dinham
Henry Dinham
George Dinham
James Dinham
Charles Dinham
Frederick Dinham
Albert Dinham
Alfred Dinham
Walter Dinham
Robert Dinham
Edward Dinham
Arthur Dinham
Samuel Dinham
Frank Dinham
Ernest Dinham
Edmund Dinham
Thos. Dinham
Francis Dinham
Eli Dinham
Philip Dinham
Lewis Dinham
Edwd Dinham
Himber Dinham
Ben Dinham
Harry Dinham
Sydney Dinham
Geo.J. Dinham
Sam Dinham
Fredk.A. Dinham
Richd. Dinham
Frederic Dinham
Percy Dinham
Joseph Dinham
Job Dinham
Willm. Dinham
J.W. Dinham
Fredrick Dinham

Top female forenames

Mary Dinham
Elizabeth Dinham
Alice Dinham
Sarah Dinham
Emma Dinham
Florence Dinham
Emily Dinham
Ann Dinham
Julia Dinham
Ellen Dinham
Annie Dinham
Jane Dinham
Edith Dinham
Eliza Dinham
Caroline Dinham
Hannah Dinham
Kate Dinham
Susan Dinham
Eva Dinham
Laura Dinham
Eleanor Dinham
Susanna Dinham
Catherine Dinham
Blanche Dinham
Anna Dinham
Amelia Dinham
Charlotte Dinham
Maria Dinham
Rosina Dinham
Bessie Dinham
Lucy Dinham
Rosa Dinham
Louisa Dinham
Rebecca Dinham
Anne Dinham
Maude Dinham
Matilda Dinham
Amy Dinham
Tamar Dinham
Martha Dinham
Harriett Dinham
Margarte Dinham
Ada Dinham
Sopha Dinham
Maomi Dinham
Frances Dinham
Bessy Dinham
M.A. Dinham
Fanny Dinham
Rose Dinham

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic
Farmers Daughter
Mason (Journeyman)
Carpenters Wife
General Labourer
Boot Maker
Genl Serv
Farmer Joint Occupier Of 205 Acres Employing 4 Men And 3 Boys
Ag Lab
General Laborer
Wife Of Constable
Cook (Domestic)
Cook Dom Serv
Dairy Woman (AG)
Dress Maker
Farm Lab
Farmer Of 184 Acres Employing 4 Labourer 2 Boys
Farmer 116 Acres
Farm Labourer
Farm Laborer
Carpenter & Innkeeper
Baker & Grocer
Boot Machinist
Attendant (S M S)
Boy 2nd Class
Builder Employing 40 Men & Boys
Carpenter & Joiner
Carpenters (Apprentice)
Chair Maker (Cab)
Coach Fitter
Coach Fitters Wife
Coachman (Domestic Servt)
Coachman (N D)