Dison in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dison
William Dison
James Dison
George Dison
Richard Dison
Robert Dison
Lewis Dison
Joe Dison
Frederick Dison
Arthur Dison
Samuel Dison
Jas.H. Dison
Henry Dison
Geo. Dison
Charles Dison
Alexander Dison
Thomas Dison

Top female forenames

Mary Dison
Elizabeth Dison
Sarah Dison
Margaret Dison
Florence Dison
Martha Dison
Isabella Dison
Gertrude Dison
Fanny Dison
Emely Dison
Ella Dison
Eliza Dison
Lilian Dison
Dorothy Dison
Jane Dison
Clara Dison
Hetty Dison
Grace Dison
Emily Dison
Rose Dison
Ellenore Dison
Mabel Dison
Eleanor Dison
Labith Dison
Constance Dison
Alice Dison
Hannah Dison

Top occupations

Cotton Warper
Earthen Ware Dealer
Manager Of Shop Gen
Nurse Domestic
Police Officers Wife
Roller (Steel)
Superannuated Police Officer (No Occ)
Timber Merchants Laborer
Waiter And Picture Dealer
Dress Maker
Drapers Clerk
Acting Bombardier R A
Asst Linen Winding Master (Cotton)
Carder Cotton
Coal Miner
Collecting Clerk
Cord Wainer
Cotton Heald Knitter
Cotton Spinner Formerly
Cotton Weaver
Disp Of Med & Mem Of Catheral Choir
Dispenser Of Medicines Wife
Winding Master Linen