Diss in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Diss
John Diss
George Diss
Henry Diss
Thomas Diss
Alfred Diss
Arthur Diss
Charles Diss
Albert Diss
Frederick Diss
James Diss
Walter Diss
Fredrick Diss
Herbert Diss
Harry Diss
Maurice Diss
Edgar Diss
Isaac Diss
Abraham Diss
Geo. Diss
Fred Diss
Martin Diss
David Diss
Thos. Diss
Samuel Diss
Fredk. Diss
Percival Diss
Frederic Diss
Elijah Diss
Willm. Diss
Will Diss
Gilbert Diss
Thos.Isaac Diss
Fredric Diss
Robert Diss
Moses Diss
Edward Diss
Wm.Hind Diss

Top female forenames

Emma Diss
Eliza Diss
Elizabeth Diss
Mary Diss
Sarah Diss
Louisa Diss
Jane Diss
Ada Diss
Emily Diss
Alice Diss
Harriet Diss
Ellen Diss
Eleanor Diss
Hannah Diss
Annie Diss
Rebecca Diss
Gertrude Diss
Maud Diss
Anne Diss
Margaret Diss
Julia Diss
Sophie Diss
Jemima Diss
Cordilia Diss
Ruth Diss
Harriett Diss
Ceilia. Diss
Polley Diss
Catherine Diss
Minnie Diss
Florence Diss
Betty Diss
Matilda Diss
Fanny Diss
Maria Diss
Lucy Diss
Elizth. Diss
Abigail Diss
Lillie Diss
Jessie Diss
Edith Diss
Charlotte Diss
Cecilia Diss
Naomie Diss
Caroline Diss
Flora Diss
Bertha Diss

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Silk Weaver
Hand In Paper Mill
Ag Lab
Factory Operative (Paper)
Flower Maker (Artif)
Ag. Lab.
Railway Porter
Domestic Servt
Lab at Paper Mill
Type Founder
Ironer (Wash)
Gardeners Lab (M)
Gas Fitter
Gen Dom Servt
General Serv
General Servant
General Servant Domestic
Grocers Porter
Journeyman Builder
Laborer In Iron Works
Jewellers Assistant
Collector Of Rates (Munic)
Factory Hand
Assistant Baker
Box Maker
Brick Maker
Bricklayers Laborer
Bricklayers Wife
Builder & Brickmaker Employs 9 Carpenters 9 Bricklayers 8 Labourers
Butlers Wife
Commercial Traveller
Crape Weaver
Crape Weaver Overseer
Domestic Servant
Assistant Clerk
East India Merchant
Errand Boy
Estate Agent