Distin in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Distin
William Distin
James Distin
Henry Distin
Thomas Distin
Ernest Distin
Arthur Distin
Alfred Distin
Joseph Distin
Robert Distin
Harold Distin
Theodore Distin
George Distin
Charles Distin
Harry Distin
Fred Distin
Samuel Distin
R. Distin
Alban Distin
Sidney Distin
Frank Distin
Robt. Distin
Raymond Distin
Andrew Distin
Louis Distin
Albert Distin
Howard Distin
Gilbert Distin
Sydney Distin

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Distin
Mary Distin
Charlotte Distin
Emma Distin
Annie Distin
Ann Distin
Anne Distin
Emily Distin
Louisa Distin
Jane Distin
Bridget Distin
Helen Distin
Grace Distin
Sarah Distin
Geraldine Distin
Ada Distin
S.A.A. Distin
Fanny Distin
Maud Distin
Lucy Distin
Laura Distin
Elina Distin
Jessie Distin
Irene Distin
Augusta Distin
Hannah Distin
Susan Distin
Gertrude Distin
Amy Distin
Sara Distin
Frances Distin
Maude Distin
Ellen Distin
Eliza Distin
Kate Distin
Edith Distin

Top occupations

Employed On Farm
Provision Dealer
Green Grocer
Ironmonger & Plumber
Ag Lab
No Occupation
Greewich Pensioner (Army)
Gate Ironmonger
Formerly Charwoman
Foreman Boot Maker
Employed At Brush Factory
Farmers Wife
Market Gardener & Farmer 38 Acres
Head Nurse
Music Seller
Machinist (S)
Housemaid (Domestic Serv)
Ironmonger (Apprentice)
Ironmonger & Plumber Employing 3 Men & 7 Boys
In Corn Trade (Dlr)
Farmers Son
Farmers Brother
Cooper Unemployed
Commercial Clerk In Cotton Mill
Clergymen Without Cure Of Souls
Assistant Laundress
Assistant Ladies Outfitter
Dairy (Ag)
Daur At Home
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 270 Acres Employing 5 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer Of 160 Acres
Farmer Of 130 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer 5 Acres
Fancy Shop Keeper
Estate Agent
Embroidery Stamper
Domes Serv