Dobbie in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dobbie
Robert Dobbie
John Dobbie
James Dobbie
Thomas Dobbie
David Dobbie
George Dobbie
Alexander Dobbie
Charles Dobbie
Francis Dobbie
Samuel Dobbie
Richard Dobbie
Fergus Dobbie
Wilson Dobbie
Herbert Dobbie
Henry Dobbie
Walter Dobbie
Thos. Dobbie
Frank Dobbie
Percy Dobbie
Wm.Paul Dobbie
E. Dobbie
Joseph Dobbie
Willie Dobbie
Audre Dobbie
Archibald Dobbie
Harry Dobbie
Wallice Dobbie
Frederick Dobbie
Fettes Dobbie
Edwin Dobbie
Luke Dobbie
Wm. Dobbie
Willm. Dobbie
C.F. Dobbie
Isaac Dobbie
Williams Dobbie
Archibold Dobbie
Alva Dobbie
Sidney Dobbie
Fettio Dobbie

Top female forenames

Mary Dobbie
Jane Dobbie
Annie Dobbie
Sarah Dobbie
Janet Dobbie
Elizabeth Dobbie
Margaret Dobbie
Catherine Dobbie
Isabella Dobbie
Hannah Dobbie
Martha Dobbie
Katherine Dobbie
Anne Dobbie
Alice Dobbie
Eliza Dobbie
Agnes Dobbie
Ada Dobbie
Bertha Dobbie
Henrietta Dobbie
Christina Dobbie
Caroline Dobbie
Beatrice Dobbie
Pauline Dobbie
Emma Dobbie
Jordina Dobbie
B. Dobbie
Mildred Dobbie
Ella Dobbie
Jessie Dobbie
Matilda Dobbie
Elizabth.C. Dobbie
Isabel Dobbie
Clara Dobbie
Wilson Dobbie
Helen Dobbie
M.D. Dobbie
Charlotte Dobbie
Therissa Dobbie
Francis Dobbie
Lousia Dobbie
Sophia Dobbie
Florence Dobbie
Lillie Dobbie
Rosa Dobbie
Esther Dobbie
Kate Dobbie
Barbara Dobbie
Nulte Dobbie
Elvira Dobbie
Jessy Dobbie

Top occupations

Tin Smith
Coal Miner
Butcher Out Of Business
Labourer In Paper Mill
Furniture Maker
Commercial Clerk
Joiner Son
Plate Shearer (Iron)
Tin Smith Wife
Fancy Goods Shopman (Dlr)
Engraver (Watch Base)
Dressmaker (Apprentice)
Fishermans Wife
Formerly Coal Miner
Farmer Servant (Indoor)
Gardener Domestic Ser
Inspector Of National Public House Society
Housemaid Dom Serv
Iron Inspector
General Hardware Dealer
Gen Practitioner Surgeon
Gas Fitter Bell Hanger
Wood Engraver
Commerl Taveller
Baker & Corn Dealer
Boot Maker
Butchers Apprentice
Butchers Cutler
Clerk at Carriers
Cloth Plaiter & Weaver At Croft
Coach Painter (Maker)
Coal Miner (Pony Driver)
Coal Miner (Pony Putter)
Colliery Banksman
Commercial Clerk Wife
Baker Etc
Convicted Felon
Cook Dc Serv
Cook Dom Serv