Dockery in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dockery
James Dockery
Joseph Dockery
William Dockery
Thomas Dockery
Edward Dockery
George Dockery
Robert Dockery
Peter Dockery
Richard Dockery
Montague Dockery
Jno. Dockery
Vincent Dockery
Thady Dockery
Roderick Dockery
Edwin Dockery
Dennis Dockery
Charles Dockery
Oliver Dockery
Alexander Dockery
Michael Dockery
Jeremiah Dockery
Horrace Dockery
Sydney Dockery
Frank Dockery
Robt. Dockery
Cornelius Dockery
Patrick Dockery
Anthony Dockery

Top female forenames

Mary Dockery
Elizabeth Dockery
Ann Dockery
Jane Dockery
Sarah Dockery
Ellen Dockery
Margaret Dockery
Charlotte Dockery
Florence Dockery
Sophia Dockery
Emmeline Dockery
Maggie Dockery
Louisa Dockery
Annie Dockery
Frances Dockery
Anna Dockery
Minnie Dockery
Eliza Dockery
Elisa Dockery
Louise Dockery
Caroline Dockery
Julia Dockery
Bella Dockery
Hannah Dockery
Anne Dockery
Susanna Dockery
Agnes Dockery
Rebecca Dockery
Matilda Dockery
Eliz.Jane Dockery
Maria Dockery
Eleanor Dockery
Catherine Dockery
Bridget Dockery
Theresa Dockery
Susan Dockery
Fanny Dockery
Amelia Dockery

Top occupations

Iron Miner
General Servant
Ironstone Miner
Law Stationers Clerk
Milk Seller
Laundrymaid (Dom)
Labourer At Railway (Cavvy)
Iron Worker
Iron Fitters Laborer
Inmate (Dom Sev)
Son Of S Consul
Silk Winder
Silk Weaver
Serv (Domestic)
School Teacher
Coal Miner
Railway Platelayer
Pensioner Greenich
Nurse To Wife
Housemaid Dom (Servant)
Grocers Assistant
Dressmakers Apprentice
Domestic Servant
Dock Porter
Cook Domestic
Cook (Dom)
Char Woman
Chandelier Maker
Dressmakers Ass
Engine Driver
Govt Clerk
General Lab Wife
General Lab
Gen Labr Wife
Gen Labr
Gardeners Labourer (D/S)
Fitters Labourer
Farmers Labourer
Farm Servant Indoor
Errand Boy