Donaghue in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Donaghue
James Donaghue
William Donaghue
Michael Donaghue
Thomas Donaghue
Patrick Donaghue
Charles Donaghue
Joseph Donaghue
Dennis Donaghue
Daniel Donaghue
Alfred Donaghue
Edward Donaghue
Martin Donaghue
David Donaghue
Timothy Donaghue
Bernard Donaghue
Humphrey Donaghue
George Donaghue
Denis Donaghue
Richard Donaghue
Peter Donaghue
Frederick Donaghue
Dan Donaghue
Jerry Donaghue
Stephen Donaghue
Arthur Donaghue
Richd. Donaghue
Albert Donaghue
Phillip Donaghue
F.H.A. Donaghue
Micheal Donaghue
Edmund Donaghue
Maurice Donaghue
Jospeh Donaghue
Jas. Donaghue
Benjaman Donaghue
Robert Donaghue
Humprey Donaghue
Hugh Donaghue
Agnes Donaghue
Moris Donaghue

Top female forenames

Mary Donaghue
Ellen Donaghue
Margaret Donaghue
Catherine Donaghue
Emma Donaghue
Annie Donaghue
Julia Donaghue
Ann Donaghue
Sarah Donaghue
Elizabeth Donaghue
Bridget Donaghue
Helen Donaghue
Eliza Donaghue
Cordelia Donaghue
Hannah Donaghue
Maria Donaghue
Lucy Donaghue
Kate Donaghue
Alice Donaghue
Charlotte Donaghue
Ethel Donaghue
Cath. Donaghue
Louisa Donaghue
C. Donaghue
Bessie Donaghue
Joasiah Donaghue
Anne Donaghue
Suzanna Donaghue
Edith Donaghue
Anastasia Donaghue
Isabella Donaghue
Agnes Donaghue
Honora Donaghue
Mired Donaghue
Clarissa Donaghue
Celia Donaghue
Fanny Donaghue
Margret Donaghue
Catherina Donaghue
Esther Donaghue
Caroline Donaghue
Emily Donaghue
Johanna Donaghue
Eliz. Donaghue
Jane Donaghue
Sophia Donaghue
Deborah Donaghue
Honord Donaghue
Pheobe Donaghue
Constance Donaghue

Top occupations

General Labourer
Worstd Spinner
Cotton Operative
Cotton Weaver
Cardroom Hand
Stationers Asst
Labourer Iron Works
General Servant
General Laborer
Dock Laborer
Railway Porter
Laborer Dock
General Servant Domestic
Guttapurcha Boot Maker
Fruiterer (3 Men 1 Boy)
General Servant (Domestic)
Fur And Skin Dresser
Fur Puller
General Dealer
General Dom Servant
General Domestic Servant
Groom (N. D.)
General Serv
Cotton Factory
Book Keeper Clerk
Book Keeper Law Stations
Cabinet Maker
Carman Builders
Carpenter Out Of Employ
Com Clerk Wool Warehouse
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Spinner
Bricklayers Laborer
Dock Labourer
Domestic Serv Unemployed
Domestic Servant
Dyers Ironer