Donaghy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Donaghy
James Donaghy
William Donaghy
Edward Donaghy
Patrick Donaghy
Bernard Donaghy
Michael Donaghy
Robert Donaghy
Hugh Donaghy
Arthur Donaghy
Joseph Donaghy
Peter Donaghy
Francis Donaghy
Owen Donaghy
Charles Donaghy
Michal Donaghy
Lewis Donaghy
Harry Donaghy
Pete Donaghy
Pat Donaghy
David Donaghy
Oliver Donaghy
Bridget Donaghy
Janess Donaghy
Issac Donaghy
Thomas Donaghy
Henry Donaghy
Edgar Donaghy

Top female forenames

Mary Donaghy
Elizabeth Donaghy
Sarah Donaghy
Catherine Donaghy
Jane Donaghy
Bridget Donaghy
Ellen Donaghy
Alice Donaghy
Lucy Donaghy
Ann Donaghy
Amy Donaghy
Eliza Donaghy
Rose Donaghy
Annie Donaghy
Loiuis Donaghy
Isabella Donaghy
Grace Donaghy
Emily Donaghy
Edith Donaghy
Rachel Donaghy
Anne Donaghy
Hannah Donaghy
Agnes Donaghy
Frances Donaghy
Selina Donaghy
Charlotte Donaghy
Maud Donaghy
Catharine Donaghy
Margaret Donaghy

Top occupations

Railway Clerk
Coke Drawer
General Laborer
Scholar In School
Railway Lab
Laborer At Pier (Mason)
Laborers Daur
Lab. Blast Furnaceman (Steel)
Laborers Son
Laborers Wife
Laborer In Ironworks
Labourer General
Labourer Iron Works
Provision Curer
Parish Clerk
Overlooker In Flax Mill (Manuf)
Office Boy (Mess)
No Occupation
Mariners Wife
Licensed Vitualer
Labourers Wife
Jute Spinner
Iron Ship Riveter
Colliery Banksman (Miner)
Coke Filler (Burner)
Coal Filler (Lab)
Coal Filler (Gas Works)
Clerk (Provision)
Cabinet Maker
Colliery Lab
Wife Of Seaman
Egg Butter & Bacon Factory ...
Gunner (Sldrs)
General Servant Dom
General Servant
General Labourer
General Dom Servt
Gen Labour
Factory Operative
Errand Boy (Provision)