Donavon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Donavon
William Donavon
Patrick Donavon
Jeremiah Donavon
Daniel Donavon
James Donavon
Denis Donavon
Thomas Donavon
Cornelius Donavon
Michael Donavon
Hale Donavon
Francis Donavon
Will. Donavon
Cecil Donavon
Micheal Donavon
Alfred Donavon
Joseph Donavon
Henry Donavon
Frederick Donavon
Dennis Donavon
Danl. Donavon
Pat. Donavon
Austen Donavon

Top female forenames

Mary Donavon
Ellen Donavon
Elizabeth Donavon
Catherine Donavon
Julia Donavon
Charlotte Donavon
Ann Donavon
Sarah Donavon
Margaret Donavon
Louisa Donavon
Bridget Donavon
Fanny Donavon
Lucy Donavon
Lorne Donavon
Camelia Donavon
Judith Donavon
Anne Donavon
Joanna Donavon
Susan Donavon
Honoray Donavon
Agnes Donavon
Francis Donavon
Maud Donavon
Ester Donavon
Margt. Donavon
Eliza Donavon
Johanna Donavon
Anna Donavon
Jane Donavon
Alice Donavon
Sophia Donavon
Helen Donavon
Rosa Donavon
Emily Donavon
Margret Donavon

Top occupations

Dock Laborer
Factory Operative (Cotton Manuf)
Gen Lab
Puddler In Iron Works
General Servant
Ag Lab
Apprentice To Umbrella Maker
House Decorator
Homblok Colo Mixer
Green Grocer
Grainer & Decorator
Governess Teacher
Genl Servant
Moulder (Artz)
Labourers Son
Labourer Unemployed
Labourer (Vestry)
Keeper Of Chapel
Iron Moulder
Iron Labouring
Genl Laborer
General Servant Domestic
Domestic Under Nurse
Dom Servant
Bricklayers Labourer
Charwoman Dom Serv
Wife Of Seaman R N
Brass Finisher
Duster Worker In Tinworks
Engineer E & M
Factoryhand (Tex)
General Labourer
Gen Servant
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Fruit Hawker
Forgeman (Iron)
Firemans Wife
Field Labour (AL)
Farmers Boy (Ag Lab)