Donne in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Donne
John Donne
Thomas Donne
Joseph Donne
James Donne
Charles Donne
Francis Donne
Benjamin Donne
Henry Donne
Frederick Donne
Ernest Donne
Percy Donne
Lewis Donne
Daniel Donne
Walter Donne
Albert Donne
George Donne
Robert Donne
Griffith Donne
Sidney Donne
Richard Donne
Edgar Donne
Nathaniel Donne
David Donne
Wm.S. Donne
Tom Donne
Horace Donne
Arthur Donne
Harry Donne
Stephen Donne
R.M. Donne
Edwin Donne
Oscar Donne
Duncan Donne
Morgan Donne
Danniel Donne
Cyril Donne
Victor Donne
Thos.Salisbury Donne
Allan Donne
Sydney Donne

Top female forenames

Mary Donne
Elizabeth Donne
Jane Donne
Sarah Donne
Ann Donne
Maria Donne
Harriet Donne
Lucy Donne
Margaret Donne
Caroline Donne
Frances Donne
Minnie Donne
Margret Donne
Hannah Donne
Gertrude Donne
Lizzie Donne
Edith Donne
Cathrine Donne
Mabel Donne
Amelia Donne
Ellen Donne
Marian Donne
Sophia Donne
Clara Donne
Isabelle Donne
Cecilo Donne
Margaretta Donne
Helen Donne
Rosellen Donne
Catherine Donne
Mahala Donne
Nora Donne
Beatrice Donne
Muriane Donne
Aran Donne
Eva Donne
Miller Donne
Laura Donne
Emily Donne
Maud Donne
Alicia Donne
Kate Donne
Elizth.Ann Donne
Martha Donne
Agnes Donne
Josephine Donne
Susan Donne
James Donne
Selina Donne
Charlotte Donne

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Dock Labourer
Watch Maker
Shop Assistant
General Clerk
Farmer Of 180 Emp 10 Men 3 Boys
Flax Manufacr
Farm Bailiff Over 375 Acres Employing 20 Men 2 Boys 1 Women
Engravers Wife
Engravers Son
Engravers Daur
Domestic Serv (Housemaid)
Hat Finisher
Flax Manufacr Wife
General Labourer
General Domestic Servant
Flax Spinner Wife
Heraldic & Artistic Engraver
Flax Manufacturer Wife
Flax Manufacturer
Heraldic Engraver
Flax Spinner (Mf)
Daily Governess
Clergyman Church Of England Without Care Of Souls
Chronometer Maker
Chemists Assistant
Calvanistic Methodist Minister
Builders Wife
Auctioneers Assist
Worsted Sword Knots Maker
Clergymans Widow
Clothes Dealer
Commercial Clerk Account
Commercial Clerk
Colliery Railway Engine Driver
Colliery Clark
Coal Miners Wife
Coach Builders Wife
Coach Builder