Dopson in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dopson
John Dopson
George Dopson
Charles Dopson
Henry Dopson
Thomas Dopson
James Dopson
Frederick Dopson
Thos. Dopson
Edward Dopson
Harry Dopson
Robert Dopson
Albert Dopson
Walter Dopson
Wm. Dopson
Alfred Dopson
Ernest Dopson
Frank Dopson
Joseph Dopson
Edwin Dopson
Daniel Dopson
Archibald Dopson
Newman Dopson
Fred Dopson
Lanslot Dopson
Francis Dopson
Jonathon Dopson
W.H. Dopson
Elijah Dopson
Jeremiah Dopson
Stephen Dopson
Herbert Dopson
Danl. Dopson
Sam Dopson
Charley Dopson
Fredk. Dopson
Aurthur Dopson
Noah Dopson
Fred. Dopson
Andrew Dopson
Methew Dopson
Willm. Dopson
Frances Dopson
Johnathan Dopson
Elisha Dopson
Tom Dopson
Jno. Dopson
David Dopson
Sidney Dopson
Robt.B. Dopson

Top female forenames

Mary Dopson
Emily Dopson
Elizabeth Dopson
Sarah Dopson
Emma Dopson
Ellen Dopson
Jane Dopson
Harriett Dopson
Fanny Dopson
Alice Dopson
Louisa Dopson
Margaret Dopson
Martha Dopson
Annie Dopson
Ann Dopson
Kate Dopson
Edith Dopson
Eliza Dopson
Harriet Dopson
Augusta Dopson
Lillie Dopson
Clara Dopson
Caroline Dopson
Minnie Dopson
Beatrice Dopson
Winifred Dopson
Lydia Dopson
Thirza Dopson
Susannah Dopson
Levinia Dopson
Selina Dopson
Jessie Dopson
E. Dopson
Ruth Dopson
Henrietta Dopson
Catherine Dopson
Rhoda Dopson
Betsey Dopson
Gertrude Dopson
Marion Dopson
Florence Dopson
Anne Dopson
Esther Dopson
Thurza Dopson
Amy Dopson
Lousia Dopson
Theodosia Dopson
A.J. Dopson
Sophia Dopson
Rose Dopson

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labourer
Assisting In Fruiterers Business
Blacksmith Wife
Farm Bailiff
Domestic Servant
Bricklayers Laborer
Farmers Wife
At Home
Agricultural Labourer
Errand Boy
Farm Laborer Retired
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farmer 28 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 13 Ac
General Serv
Formerly Blacksmith
Formerly Laundress
General Svr (Domestic)
General Servt Domestic
General Servant
Garden Lab
Draper & Photographer
Blacksmith & Farmer
Blacksmith & Grocer
Blacksmith Daughter
Blacksmith Licensed Victualer
Blacksmith Master
Clerk Cotton (Comm)
Cook Domestic
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic Servt
Corn Traveller (Comm)
Dentist ... Dublin
Dentist Apprentice
Dom Serv
Domestic Serv Cook