Dorning in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dorning
William Dorning
James Dorning
Thomas Dorning
Henry Dorning
Robert Dorning
Herbert Dorning
Frederick Dorning
Peter Dorning
Matthew Dorning
Joseph Dorning
Michael Dorning
Jonathan Dorning
Barnisce Dorning
Saml.C. Dorning
Albert Dorning
Raymond Dorning
Harry Dorning
Gilbert Dorning
Patrick Dorning
Geo. Dorning
Francis Dorning
Thos. Dorning
Chas.H. Dorning
Samuel Dorning
Jas. Dorning
Arthur Dorning
Saml. Dorning
Rd. Dorning
Henary Dorning
Radciffe Dorning
Harold Dorning
Percy Dorning
George Dorning
Fredk. Dorning
Mathew Dorning
Fred Dorning
Vernon Dorning
Edwd. Dorning
Jno. Dorning

Top female forenames

Mary Dorning
Sarah Dorning
Jane Dorning
Elizabeth Dorning
Ellen Dorning
Margaret Dorning
Annie Dorning
Elizth. Dorning
Ann Dorning
Margeret Dorning
Hannah Dorning
Maria Dorning
Emily Dorning
Martha Dorning
Elizeabeth Dorning
Eliza Dorning
Lydia Dorning
Sophia Dorning
Rose Dorning
Bertha Dorning
Anne Dorning
Emma Dorning
Matilda Dorning
Agnes Dorning
Margt. Dorning
Talitha Dorning
Edith Dorning
Louisa Dorning
Clarissa Dorning
Janette Dorning
Nellie Dorning
May Dorning
Alice Dorning
Elizh.Alice Dorning
Margret Dorning
Eling Dorning
Stella Dorning
Lucy Dorning
Diana Dorning
Lilly Dorning
Catherine Dorning
Phebe Dorning
Nancy Dorning
Florence Dorning

Top occupations

Lodginghouse Keeper
Stitcher In Bleach Works
Civil & Mining Engineer
Frame Tenter (C)
Cotton Piecer
Dyer (Undef)
General Laborer
House Painter
Cabinet Maker
Bottle Washer
Glass Smoother
Engravers Assistant (S&W)
Engine Tenter Wife
Factory Operative
Farmer Of 57 Acres Employing 7 Labrs & 2 Boys
Fitter Eng
Foreman Fitter Eng
Formerly Cook Domestic
Hank Winder
Hand Loom Weaver (Cott)
Glass Works Lab
Gardener Wife
Glass Lab
Clerk Storekeeper
Bottler Cellar
Braid Tenter
Block Stamper
Cabinet Maker Employs 3 Men
Cabinet Maker Upholsterer
Civil Engineer
Clerks Wife
Cott Spinner
Cotton Spinner
Druggist Assist
Dyer Wife
Engine Driver In Alkali Works
Engine Driver Pottery (22)
Engine Fitter