Doubledee in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Doubledee
Walter Doubledee
Daniel Doubledee
Albert Doubledee
William Doubledee
Robert Doubledee
James Doubledee
Beezley Doubledee

Top female forenames

Martha Doubledee
Elizth. Doubledee
Elizabeth Doubledee
Ann Doubledee
Jessie Doubledee
Emily Doubledee
Charlotte Doubledee
Annie Doubledee
Ada Doubledee
Susan Doubledee
Lydia Doubledee
Harriet Doubledee
Ellen Doubledee
Caroline Doubledee

Top occupations

Pilot (Harbor)
Felt Hatter
Factory Hand (Candle)
Dress Maker
Domestic Serv
Deputy Coin Meter City Of London
Coal Miner
Case Maker (Carpenter)
Box Maker (Card)