Doughan in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Doughan
James Doughan
Peter Doughan
Martin Doughan
George Doughan
Austin Doughan
Richard Doughan
Patrick Doughan
Jos. Doughan
Cornelius Doughan
Thomas Doughan

Top female forenames

Mary Doughan
Margaret Doughan
Bridget Doughan
Catherine Doughan
Helen Doughan
Bertha Doughan
Jane Doughan
Eliza Doughan
Bridgit Doughan
Betty Doughan
Sarah Doughan

Top occupations

Cotton Operative
Merchant In Barbary Trade
Muffin Hawker
Outdoor Labourer (Out Of Employ)
Paper Stainer (& Tobacconist)
Paper Stainer Wife
Boot Maker
General Serv Dom
Excavator Navvy
Domestic Serv
Cotton Frame Tenter
Char Woman
Cabinet Maker