Dowey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dowey
James Dowey
William Dowey
Robert Dowey
George Dowey
Henry Dowey
David Dowey
Joseph Dowey
Thomas Dowey
Charles Dowey
Edward Dowey
Frank Dowey
Peter Dowey
Alecander Dowey
Hercules Dowey
W. Dowey
Francis Dowey
Stephen Dowey
Sanderson Dowey
D.F. Dowey
Ralph Dowey
C. Dowey
Matthew Dowey
Alfred Dowey
Ernest Dowey
Sidney Dowey
Byron Dowey
Mathew Dowey

Top female forenames

Mary Dowey
Elizabeth Dowey
Margaret Dowey
Ellen Dowey
Jane Dowey
Hannah Dowey
Isabella Dowey
Ann Dowey
Catherine Dowey
Alice Dowey
Sarah Dowey
Martha Dowey
Annie Dowey
Agnes Dowey
Eliza Dowey
Dorothy Dowey
Thomasina Dowey
Margret Dowey
Edith Dowey
Louisa Dowey
Cicely Dowey
Isabela Dowey
Barbara Dowey
Helen Dowey
Anna Dowey
Florence Dowey
Emily Dowey
Elizth. Dowey
Kate Dowey
Charlotte Dowey
Caroline Dowey
Henrietta Dowey
Ethel Dowey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ironstone Miner
Labourer (Ag)
Domestic Servant
Boat Builder
Serv Domestic Unemployed
Spinner In Cotton Mill
Iron Moulder (Manuf)
Labourer At Lime Kilns
Iron (Stone) Miner
Laborer At Iron Mines
Iron Miner
Labourer In Ironworks
Late Governess
Patron Maker (Iron)
Painter (Lithographer)
Nurse (Dom)
No Occupation
Miners Wife
Loom Hand Cotton
Learner Weaver
Interest Of Money
House Maid Domestic
Drapers Assistant
Worker In White Lead Factory (Paint Manuf)
Cotton Weaver
Commercial Traveller For Tobacconist
Coal Miner Wife
Coach Fitter
Boiler Maker At Wks
Engine Fitter At Works
Errand Boy
Farm Serv
House Joiner
Governess (Dom)
General Laborer
Fitters Lab (E & M)
Farmer Of 79 Acres
Farmer Of 40 Acres
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servant