Dracup in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Dracup
William Dracup
John Dracup
Robert Dracup
James Dracup
Alfred Dracup
Isaac Dracup
Edmund Dracup
Harry Dracup
Joseph Dracup
Arthur Dracup
Eli Dracup
Charles Dracup
Fred Dracup
Edwin Dracup
Samuel Dracup
Albert Dracup
Herbert Dracup
Miles Dracup
Ezra Dracup
Benjamin Dracup
Jesse Dracup
Epraham Dracup
Abraham Dracup
Dan Dracup
Nathaniel Dracup
Chas. Dracup
Fred. Dracup
Frank Dracup
Ernest Dracup
Smith Dracup
Ephraim Dracup
Isrial Dracup
Sam Dracup
Adam Dracup
Edward Dracup
Robt. Dracup
Aaron Dracup
Harvey Dracup
Duglas Dracup
Paul Dracup
Harrison Dracup
Willie Dracup
Christopher Dracup
Frederick Dracup
Wilfred Dracup
Lister Dracup
Thomson Dracup
Bottomley Dracup
Jonas Dracup

Top female forenames

Mary Dracup
Martha Dracup
Sarah Dracup
Hannah Dracup
Emma Dracup
Alice Dracup
Elizabeth Dracup
Annie Dracup
Ellen Dracup
Maria Dracup
Ruth Dracup
Emily Dracup
Clara Dracup
Harriet Dracup
Ann Dracup
Jane Dracup
Eliza Dracup
Rose Dracup
Edith Dracup
Frances Dracup
Selina Dracup
Lura Dracup
Ethelwynn Dracup
Amanda Dracup
Lily Dracup
Rebecca Dracup
Ada Dracup
Lavinia Dracup
Priscilla Dracup
A.M. Dracup
Julia Dracup
Pivletta Dracup
Henrietta Dracup
Easher Dracup
Matilda Dracup
Grace Dracup
Violetta Dracup
Betty Dracup
Margaret Dracup
Florry Dracup
Serena Dracup
Batsheba Dracup
Lydia Dracup
Fanny Dracup
Louisa Dracup
Leah Dracup
Emiline Dracup
Rachael Dracup
Abigail Dracup
Laura Dracup

Top occupations

Worsted Weaver
Stuff Spinner
Dyers Labourer
Jacquard Maker (Cotten Mr)
Spinner Worsted
Worsted Spinner
Engine Fitter
Cotton Warp Dyer
Cotton Warp Dresser
Factory Hand (Silk)
Woollen Warper
Mill Hand (Artz)
Engine Turner At Works
Shuttle Maker (Spin Mach Mr)
Alpaca Weaver
Weaver (Worsted)
Job Stuff Merchant (Dlr)
House Keeper
Labourer In Foundry (Fac Lab)
Farmer Of 27 Acres Employing 1 Man
Fire Wood Dealer (Timber)
Flannel Weaver
Frmers Man (Ag Lab)
Foreman Overlooker (Manager)
Forgeman (Iron)
Forgeman Wife
Jobber Mill hand (Worsd)
Groom & Gardener (Dom)
Dyer Of Pieces
(Stuff Mr) Warp Dresser
Bobbin Pegger Mill hand (Q)
Burler (...Cloth)
Card Dresser (Stuff)
Civil Engineer
Coal Miners Labourer
Corn Miller & Farmer 42 Ac
Cotton Weaver
Doffer Mill Hand (Wors Mr)
Domestic Servant
Assistant Housekeeper
Dyer Wincey Cloth Finisher (Mr)
Employed At Farm
Employed At Farm (Farmer Son) (Ag Lab)