Drakeford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Drakeford
John Drakeford
Thomas Drakeford
Arthur Drakeford
Edward Drakeford
George Drakeford
James Drakeford
Charles Drakeford
Joseph Drakeford
Alfred Drakeford
Henry Drakeford
David Drakeford
Frederick Drakeford
Walter Drakeford
Frank Drakeford
Ernest Drakeford
Josiah Drakeford
Israel Drakeford
Thos. Drakeford
D. Drakeford
Tom Drakeford
Albert Drakeford
Harry Drakeford
Richard Drakeford
Geo. Drakeford
Peter Drakeford
Luther Drakeford
W. Drakeford
Herbert Drakeford
Henez Drakeford
T. Drakeford
Phillip Drakeford
P. Drakeford
Francis Drakeford
Lewis Drakeford
Edwin Drakeford
Dyer Drakeford
Herbt. Drakeford

Top female forenames

Mary Drakeford
Sarah Drakeford
Elizabeth Drakeford
Hannah Drakeford
Emma Drakeford
Ann Drakeford
Alice Drakeford
Martha Drakeford
Anne Drakeford
Frances Drakeford
Ellen Drakeford
Eliza Drakeford
Annie Drakeford
Harriet Drakeford
Catherine Drakeford
Jeannette Drakeford
Florence Drakeford
Julia Drakeford
Clara Drakeford
Kate Drakeford
Ruth Drakeford
Amelia Drakeford
Rebbeca Drakeford
Agnes Drakeford
Hepzibah Drakeford
Maud Drakeford
Hart. Drakeford
Dorcas Drakeford
Charlotte Drakeford
Marian Drakeford
Grace Drakeford
Caroline Drakeford
M. Drakeford
Francis Drakeford
Susan Drakeford
Lousia Drakeford
Anna Drakeford
Libra Drakeford
Sabra Drakeford
Amy Drakeford
Ellena Drakeford
Rebecca Drakeford
James Drakeford
Mrs Drakeford
Helen Drakeford
Drusilla Drakeford
Matilda Drakeford
H. Drakeford
Maria Drakeford
Gertrude Drakeford

Top occupations

Ribbon Weaver
Trimming Weaver
Dipper (Potter)
Spring Knife Cutler
No Occupation
Char Woman
Home Duties
Cotton Winder
Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Silk Weaver & Grocer
Silk Weaver
Elastic Web Weaver
Finisher (Cash Towels)
Errand Boy
Engine Turner
E Ware Placer
Curate B.A. Cantab
Dealer In Works Of Art
E Ware Dipping House Boy
Dom Nurse (M)
Domestic Serv
Fitter & Turner
Cook (Dom)
Assistant In Drapers Shop
Braid Mechanic
Bricklayers Labourer
Bricksetters Laborer
Bricksetters Laborer (Out Of Employ)
Brush Maker
Writing Clerk
Certificated Elementary Teacher
Clergyman To The Church Of England
Clerk To Corn Merchant
Clothes Master
Clothier & Hatter
Coal Miner's Labourer
Commercial Traveller