Dreyfus in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Louis Dreyfus
Charles Dreyfus
Arthur Dreyfus
Alexander Dreyfus
Ludwig Dreyfus
Ernest Dreyfus
Auguste Dreyfus
Armand Dreyfus

Top female forenames

H.Eveline Dreyfus
Elizabeth Dreyfus
Catherin Dreyfus
Aimee Dreyfus
Nellie Dreyfus
Ida Dreyfus
Harriet Dreyfus
Fanny Dreyfus
Cecile Dreyfus
Amelia Dreyfus
Leonie Dreyfus
Hedwig Dreyfus

Top occupations

Cape Merchant
Dealer In Antiquity
Doctor Of Philosophy And Manufacturing Chemist Following The Study Of Chemistry
Exchange Broker
Governess (Private)
Merchant Wine
Tea Broker
Teacher Professor Of French