Drinkall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Drinkall
William Drinkall
George Drinkall
Thomas Drinkall
Edward Drinkall
Robert Drinkall
Henry Drinkall
Alfred Drinkall
James Drinkall
Richard Drinkall
Mark Drinkall
Joseph Drinkall
Albert Drinkall
Wm. Drinkall
Walter Drinkall
Fred Drinkall
Arthur Drinkall
Wray Drinkall
Samuel Drinkall
Frederick Drinkall
Frank Drinkall
Charles Drinkall
Andrew Drinkall
Jervas Drinkall
Isaac Drinkall
Harry Drinkall
Septimus Drinkall
Fredrick Drinkall
Reuben Drinkall
Forrest Drinkall
Nathanial Drinkall
Christopher Drinkall
Margaret Drinkall
Nathaniel Drinkall

Top female forenames

Mary Drinkall
Elizabeth Drinkall
Sarah Drinkall
Alice Drinkall
Ann Drinkall
Margaret Drinkall
Hannah Drinkall
Ellen Drinkall
Florence Drinkall
Susannah Drinkall
Isabella Drinkall
Fanny Drinkall
Betsey Drinkall
Jane Drinkall
Esther Drinkall
Annie Drinkall
Emily Drinkall
Clara Drinkall
Lucy Drinkall
Emma Drinkall
Eliza Drinkall
Harriet Drinkall
Martha Drinkall
Betty Drinkall
Betrice Drinkall
Lotty Drinkall
Lily Drinkall
Amelia Drinkall
Kate Drinkall
Rachael Drinkall
Agnes Drinkall
Edith Drinkall
Phoebe Drinkall
Harriett Drinkall
Dinah Drinkall
Maude Drinkall
Caroline Drinkall
Maria Drinkall
Ethel Drinkall
Theresa Drinkall
Beatrice Drinkall
Lizzie Drinkall
Susan Drinkall
Libbe Drinkall
Rose Drinkall
Polly Drinkall
Henrietta Drinkall
Dorothy Drinkall
Minnie Drinkall
Daisey Drinkall

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farmer Daur
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Lab
Domestic Servant
Farm Labourer
Worsted Spinner
General Servant
Farmers Daughter
General Labourer
Dress Maker
Farm Serv (Indoor)
General Serv
Wood Turner
Farmer Of 163 Acres
Farm Labourer Wife
Farm Servant
Worsted Weaver
Farmer 64 Ac
Farmer (240 Acres) Emp 2 Labours
Farmer (240 Acres) Emp 2 Lab
Farm Servant (Ind)
Farm Servant (DOM)
Farm Waggoner
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Servant Domestic (Indoor)
Cook Domestic
Agricultural Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Blast Furnaceman Iron
Book Maker Employing 8 Men 1 Female & 2 Boys
Boot Makers Shopman
Bricklayers L
Bricklayers Laborer
Carpenters Apprentice
Dairy Maid (Ag Lab)
Dockside Lab
Dom Serv
Domestic Duties
Draper Master Employing 2 Men 2 Boys Seven Women & 3 Girls
Employed On Farm
F Son