Driskell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Driskell
William Driskell
Thomas Driskell
John Driskell
Frederick Driskell
Ernest Driskell
Arthur Driskell
Walter Driskell
Sidney Driskell
Leonard Driskell
Jerimah Driskell
Henry Driskell
Frank Driskell
Charles Driskell
Percy Driskell

Top female forenames

Ellen Driskell
Maria Driskell
Mary Driskell
Grace Driskell
Catherine Driskell
Alice Driskell
Sarah Driskell
Harriett Driskell
Ethel Driskell
Eleanor Driskell
Amy Driskell
Jobanna Driskell

Top occupations

Commercial Clerk
General Laborer
Coal Miner
Hosier Out Of Employ
No Occupation
Saw Mill Machinist
Saw Mill Machinist Wife
Serv Dom
Governess (Sch)
Gentlemans Servant
Brewers Clerk
Gen Lab
Engineers Servant
Drapers Clerk
Commercial Clerk To Firm Of Engineers
Clothes Dealer
Wife Of A Steward R N