Dromgoole in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dromgoole
Vincent Dromgoole
Herbert Dromgoole
Fredk.Peter Dromgoole
Edwin Dromgoole
Bernard Dromgoole
Alfred Dromgoole
Walter Dromgoole
Thomas Dromgoole
James Dromgoole
Geo. Dromgoole
Ernest Dromgoole
Charles Dromgoole
Austin Dromgoole

Top female forenames

Jane Dromgoole
Elizabeth Dromgoole
Annie Dromgoole
Mary Dromgoole
Helen Dromgoole
Blanche Dromgoole

Top occupations

Agent Steam Packet Co
Ships Cook(Unemployed)
Pte Soldier
Mariners Wife
Manager Pawnbroker
Manager Of Stationery & Printing
Editor & Newspaper Prop Printer Statione Pawnbroker Emplyg 12 Persons 9 Boys
Deputy Commissary General Ordance Board Dept H M Army Activ e List
Compositor (Printer)
B Smith Labourer
Assistant Pawnbroker & Draper
Assistant Draper
Ships Steward(Unemployed)