Druitt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Druitt
Charles Druitt
John Druitt
Henry Druitt
George Druitt
Alfred Druitt
James Druitt
Arthur Druitt
Thomas Druitt
Nathaniel Druitt
Edward Druitt
Frances Druitt
Robert Druitt
Earnest Druitt
Mayo Druitt
Alan Druitt
Jabez Druitt
Walter Druitt
Theodore Druitt
Sidney Druitt
Eillam Druitt
Richard Druitt
Percy Druitt
Claude Druitt
Melville Druitt
Cecil Druitt
Lionel Druitt
Herbert Druitt
Harry Druitt
Sydney Druitt
Edwin Druitt
Philip Druitt

Top female forenames

Mary Druitt
Emma Druitt
Elizabeth Druitt
Edith Druitt
Julia Druitt
Sarah Druitt
Emily Druitt
Eliza Druitt
Caroline Druitt
Augusta Druitt
Ethel Druitt
Minnie Druitt
Alice Druitt
Matilda Druitt
Annie Druitt
Rosa Druitt
Margaret Druitt
Jane Druitt
Sophia Druitt
Rosina Druitt
Anne Druitt
Ellenor Druitt
Ada Druitt
Martha Druitt
Mabel Druitt
Lilian Druitt
Christina Druitt
Celia Druitt
Helen Druitt
Barbara Druitt
Georgiana Druitt
Ency Druitt
Amy Druitt
Maud Druitt
Agnes Druitt
Ellen Druitt
Louisa Druitt
Clara Druitt
Kathleen Druitt
Charlotte Druitt
Gertrude Druitt

Top occupations

Oil And Colour Merchants Clerk
Gen Labourer
Engineer At Factory (Artizan)
Zinc Worker
Stay Maker
Bankers Clerk
Solicitors Managing Clerk
Retired Stone Tablet Engraver
Milliners Assist
Milliners Apprentice
Medical Student
Physician F R C S Lond J P S L E L Ales M D Of Lambeth Not Practising
Stone Merchant 1 Mason Employing 20 Men
Retired Linen Merchant
Stone Masons Clerk
Ship Carpenter
Solicitor B.A.Oxford
Solicitors Articled Clerk
Mason Employ 4 Men 2 Boys
Machinist (Undef)
Clergyman Without Care
Clergyman Wife
Civil Service 1st Class Clerk Telegraph Dept
Brass Finisher
Barm Seller
Bank Manager
Assistant Curate Of Parkstone
Art Student Of S Kensington
Coal Miner
Domestic Serv Housemaid
Letter Cutter In Stone (Mason)
Laundry Maid (Dom)
Kitchenmaid Dom Serv
General Practitioner
Foreman At Iron W
F.R.C.S.Not Practising
Engine Turner