Dryburgh in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Dryburgh
John Dryburgh
Andrew Dryburgh
William Dryburgh
Charles Dryburgh
Robert Dryburgh
David Dryburgh
A.P. Dryburgh
George Dryburgh
Daniel Dryburgh
Archabeld Dryburgh
Alexander Dryburgh
Thomas Dryburgh
Justin Dryburgh

Top female forenames

Annie Dryburgh
Mary Dryburgh
Margaret Dryburgh
Frances Dryburgh
Rose Dryburgh
Elizabett Dryburgh
Catherine Dryburgh
Sarah Dryburgh
Amelia Dryburgh
Margret Dryburgh
M.J. Dryburgh
Jane Dryburgh
Henrietta Dryburgh
Elsie Dryburgh
Elizabeth Dryburgh
Margt. Dryburgh
Jessie Dryburgh
Hilda Dryburgh

Top occupations

Agricultural Labourer
Ship Joiner
(F Son)
Railway Clerk
Seedmans Assistant
Shirt Maker
Wire Messanger (Telegraph)
Grocer & Provision Dealer Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Formerly Ag Lab
Ag Lab
Ag Labs Wife
Boatswain Seaman
Book Keeper
Brewery Company
Clerk In Custom House
Farmer Of 140 Acres Empl 3 Men
Foreman Goods Dept Liner
Yarn Warehouseman (Others 17.5)