Dudding in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dudding
William Dudding
Thomas Dudding
George Dudding
Frederick Dudding
Henry Dudding
Ernest Dudding
Joseph Dudding
David Dudding
Robert Dudding
Charles Dudding
James Dudding
Phineas Dudding
Edwin Dudding
Wm. Dudding
Fred Dudding
Reginald Dudding
Arthur Dudding
Rowland Dudding
Richard Dudding
Frances Dudding
Michl. Dudding
Leon Dudding
Cecil Dudding
B.J. Dudding
Will Dudding
J. Dudding
Alfred Dudding
Tom Dudding
Herbert Dudding
Percy Dudding
Edgar Dudding
Louis Dudding
Benjamin Dudding
Wilfred Dudding
Horatio Dudding
Albert Dudding
Thos. Dudding

Top female forenames

Mary Dudding
Sarah Dudding
Jane Dudding
Hannah Dudding
Elizabeth Dudding
Alice Dudding
Caroline Dudding
Ann Dudding
Emma Dudding
Eliza Dudding
Annie Dudding
Susan Dudding
Esther Dudding
Ellen Dudding
Edith Dudding
Cecilia Dudding
Emily Dudding
Isabell Dudding
Phebe Dudding
Mgt. Dudding
Clara Dudding
Frances Dudding
Martha Dudding
Charlott Dudding
Flora Dudding
Margaretta Dudding
Eveline Dudding
Louisa Dudding
Ethel Dudding
Amelia Dudding
Kate Dudding
Agnes Dudding
Jennet Dudding
Isabella Dudding
Rebecca Dudding
Henniretta Dudding
Minnie Dudding
Grace Dudding
Charlotte Dudding
Florence Dudding
Marianne Dudding
Fanny Dudding
Betsy Dudding
Lydia Dudding
Eva Dudding
Lavinia Dudding
Thurza Dudding
Julia Dudding
Sophia Dudding
Ada Dudding

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Grocers Shopman
Lodging House Keeper
Farm Servant (Indr)
Retired Farmer
Cabinet Maker
Bricklayers Labourer
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housekeeper Dom
Farm Labourer
Brickfield Lab
Gen Serv Unemployed
Flour Dealer
Genl Labr
Farm Servant Foreman
Farmer (3 Acres)
Farmer 12 Labs 10 Women And Boys 7
Farmer 20 Acres
Farmer Of 240 Acres Of Land Employing 5 Men 8 Women Potato Merchant
Farmer of 600 Acres Employing 22 Men
General Servant
Farmer Of 630 Acres 12 Labourers 4 Boys
General Domestic
Farmer Of 437 Acres Employing 9 Labourers & 3 Boys
Coal Merchant
Annuitant & Proprietress
Captain Royal South Lincoln Militia Farmer 448 Acres Employing 9 Men 7 Boys
Carpenter Journeyman
Coal Miner
Cobbler Of Shoes
Cook Dom
Dom Servant
Domestic Unemployed
Drapers Wife
Engine Cleaner Railway
Engineer (EM Mac)