Duddleston in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Duddleston
Hugh Duddleston
John Duddleston
Thomas Duddleston
Frederick Duddleston
Richard Duddleston
George Duddleston
Frank Duddleston
Bernard Duddleston
Walter Duddleston
Robert Duddleston
Percy Duddleston
Edward Duddleston
Thos.Herbert Duddleston
Samuel Duddleston

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Duddleston
Sarah Duddleston
Mary Duddleston
Maria Duddleston
Frances Duddleston
Annie Duddleston
Abigail Duddleston
Martha Duddleston
Margaret Duddleston
Emily Duddleston
Charlotte Duddleston
Alice Duddleston

Top occupations

General Labourer
Bottle Jack Maker
Iron Monger
Lodging House Keeper
Master Meat Jack Emp 1 Man
Metal Polisher (Burnisher)
Metal Spinner
A Farmers Son
Engine Fitter Wife
Engine Fitter H M O Yd
Assistant In Toy W House
Book Keeper (Clent)
Brass Founder
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Spinner
Electro Plate Worker
Engine Driver At Cotton Mill And Iron Foundry
Warehouse Girl