Dufty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dufty
Thomas Dufty
James Dufty
William Dufty
Samuel Dufty
Alfred Dufty
Henry Dufty
Richard Dufty
Andrew Dufty
Francis Dufty
Edwin Dufty
Bryan Dufty
Joseph Dufty
Harry Dufty
Ernest Dufty
Robert Dufty
Edward Dufty
Patrick Dufty
Benjamin Dufty
Arthur Dufty
Peter Dufty
Edgar Dufty
Bryant Dufty
Laurence Dufty
Willie Dufty
Aaron Dufty
Thos.E. Dufty
George Dufty
Edmund Dufty
Perry Dufty
Carolus Dufty
Noel Dufty
Thos. Dufty
Frank Dufty
Sidney Dufty

Top female forenames

Mary Dufty
Elizabeth Dufty
Sarah Dufty
Jane Dufty
Ann Dufty
Kate Dufty
Emily Dufty
Emma Dufty
Alice Dufty
Lydia Dufty
Matilda Dufty
Martha Dufty
Annie Dufty
Ada Dufty
Lucy Dufty
Clara Dufty
Harriet Dufty
Eliza Dufty
Iset Dufty
Penlopey Dufty
Edith Dufty
Harriett Dufty
Christiana Dufty
Hanna Dufty
Catherine Dufty
Frederick Dufty
Maria Dufty
Flora Dufty
Margaret Dufty
Ethel Dufty
Susan Dufty
Rose Dufty
Eleanor Dufty
Isabella Dufty
Penelope Dufty
Charlotte Dufty
Grace Dufty
Marion Dufty
Caroline Dufty
Frances Dufty
Margarite Dufty
Anna Dufty
Fanny Dufty
Esther Dufty
Lilian Dufty
Jessie Dufty

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farmer Son
Farmer Wife
Domestic Duties
Domestic Servant
School Boy
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Retired Farmer
Brush Maker
Retired Farmer Wife
Gardner Of 44 Acres 3 Men & 1 Boy (ND)
Homoeopathic Chemist
Groom (D)
Frame Work Knitter
Gardener (N D)
General Servant (Dom)
Gardner (Dom )
General Servant
General (Domestic)
Gardner (Dom)
Farmer Of 628 Acres
Wrought Nail Maker
Cook Domestic Serv
Cook (Domestic)
Cook (D)
Commission Agent
Coachman (Dom)
Brick Maker
Auctioniner & Wool Dealer
Drapers Daur
Drapers Wife
Farmer Of 500 Acres Employing 2 Laborers
Farmer Of 210 Acres 3 Men 12 Boys
Farmer Of 200 Acres
Farmer Of 150 Acres Employing 1 Labourer And 1 Boy
Farmer Daughter
Farmer 20 Acres
Farm Workwoman