Dugard in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dugard
George Dugard
Thomas Dugard
Edward Dugard
John Dugard
James Dugard
Arthur Dugard
Henry Dugard
Albert Dugard
Harry Dugard
Samuel Dugard
Herbert Dugard
Geo. Dugard
W. Dugard
Frederick Dugard
Thos.Hy. Dugard
Francis Dugard
Sidney Dugard
Elizabeth Dugard
Mark Dugard
Charles Dugard
Isaac Dugard
Alfred Dugard
Willm.H. Dugard
Walter Dugard
Fredk.J. Dugard
Villiers Dugard
Frederic Dugard
Ernest Dugard
Edwin Dugard
Joseph Dugard
Clarance Dugard

Top female forenames

Mary Dugard
Sarah Dugard
Eliza Dugard
Hannah Dugard
Elizabeth Dugard
Emily Dugard
Ann Dugard
Martha Dugard
Emma Dugard
Annie Dugard
Frances Dugard
Louisa Dugard
Ada Dugard
Jane Dugard
Rosa Dugard
Caroline Dugard
Minnie Dugard
Florence Dugard
Lucy Dugard
Julia Dugard
Susan Dugard
Eleanor Dugard
Isabella Dugard
Constance Dugard
Harriet Dugard
Phoebe Dugard
Blanche Dugard
H. Dugard
Millicent Dugard
Amy Dugard
Fannie Dugard
Maria Dugard
Alice Dugard
Elizard Dugard
Kate Dugard
Susannah Dugard
Sophia Dugard
E.Sussana Dugard
Harriett Dugard
Beatrice Dugard
Gertrude Dugard
May Dugard
Amelia Dugard
Agnes Dugard
Ellen Dugard
Laura Dugard
(Miss) Dugard

Top occupations

Carpet Weaver
Brass Founder
Railway Engine Driver
Farmer Daughter
Metal & Wire Mills
Brass Worker
Traveller In Carpets
Ag Lab
Gun Maker
Genl Servt
General Laborer
Fellowship Porter
Farmer Of 100 Acres
HM Assistant Inspector Of Schools (CS)
Metal Roll Master
Income From House Property
Pan Smith
Letter Carrier & General Dealer
Metal Roller (Iron) (18 Men 12 Boys)
Metal Mixer
Machinest (Seamstress)
Errand Boy
Cabinet Makers Wife
Cabinet Maker
Brassfounders Clerk
Brass Stamper
Boiler Maker & Beerhouse Keeper
Worsted Rug Warehouse Man
Baker Master
Chandelier Finisher (Lamp)
Engine Fitter Unemployed
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Comml Clerk Tea Trade
Commision Travelor
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Trav Tobacco